Is your business ready for PR?

PR for small business ownersWritten by Kate Gniel, Headstart Communications

PR success isn’t mysterious.

PR is different to advertising.

Advertising is very much one-way and about selling, whereas PR is a two-way process and about the age-old talent of telling a good story.

Ultimately, PR is the way that a company communicates with the public and media and will help a business stand out in the crowd.

Before you start, you need to plan. Ask yourself:

- What are you trying to achieve? Do you want more people to know who you are? How many? Are you trying to sell more products/services? How many?

- Who are you communicating with to achieve this? It’s important to know your audience and know them well. For instance, what do they read, how do they like to receive information, what motivates them, what are their likes dislikes, age, gender, geographic location etc

- How can you target these groups? It’s important to know how your target gets information, for example online or via TV, radio, or newspapers/magazines.

- Are you continually building and maintaining your relationships? Once you have taken the time to establish relationships it’s time to build and maintain them. Make sure you keep in regular contact with clients, suppliers, media etc through newsletters, social media, networking events.

- Are you ready to respond to a successful PR plan? Do you have the right processes in place? Can you respond to a large demand of your product/service?

Don’t leave your PR to chance. Get planning!


PR for small businessKate Gniel, PR Specialist, Head Start Communications

Kate Gniel has worked for almost fifteen years in PR and Marketing roles in Australia and the UK. She has experience of working in a variety of sectors including education, not for profit, parenting, fashion and health & beauty.

She started Head Start Communications in August 2009 so that she could use her experience and skills to offer smart, effective public relations support to other individuals and businesses.

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