Is your Inner Little Girl sabotaging your success?

understanding the basics of business financeAs I sat down to write this article I recalled a recent telephone conversation with my mother who was preparing for a trip overseas to see her sisters. Inevitably (as it tends to these days with an older parent) the conversation turned to ‘how things used to be’.

In the early 1980s my family of four (parents, brother and I) immigrated to New Zealand to start afresh. “Afresh” was certainly an interesting expression as my childhood was turned upside down. In our home country my dad’s dream of being an entrepreneur had come crashing down and so had our lifestyle.

No more spontaneous weekends to other European countries or dad coming home with surprise presents. Instead we moved to a bright orange old state house with second hand furniture. I can still see my mother (bless her) attempting to cook good kiwi food for the first time in her life.

The point of this story is that my Inner Little Girl’s view point of money at this early stage of life suddenly changed overnight. And for years this view point followed me into adulthood. Making decisions on when to spend money, how to spend money, was I worthy of buying these goods or was it better to save for a rainy day?

A 2014 survey by Halifax Bank in the UK found that 59 percent of children learn from and want to learn from their parents about finances.

This makes me wonder what Inner Little Girl stories might be dwelling in you to stop you from feeling uncomfortable about the money in your business and therefore creating success.

Perhaps in your childhood you heard things like “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “money is the root of all evil” or “save a penny for a rainy day”. I’d seriously love for you to take a minute and see what first thought jumps into your mind when you think of money.

The women I educate in my business often say ‘I don’t have a head for numbers’ or ‘I was never any good with maths’. Well, guess what? Neither was I. What was the point of knowing the value of x, when I was going to travel the world!

But I digress because while these clever creative business women might have accountants or bookkeepers (which I applaud) they still don’t understand what their finances mean. Ladies no one will care about the money in your business more than you will. So let’s get intimate shall we?

An accounting report can indeed look like a foreign language but just as you would learn Spanish if you were going to live in Spain for a few years, so should you learn the finance language. Your Inner Little Girl might be stamping her foot and saying ‘I don’t want to. You can’t make me’. I ask instead why doesn’t she want to? Is it fear of failure? Is it fear of not ‘getting it’? What childhood experiences are holding you back?

In order to move on, be brave and look at your own money story and your feelings around it. Find a quiet space without distraction and write out your thoughts. Understanding these feelings and why they come up can then help you in the future to say “Hang on. Yes, I understand why this is happening. I accept that this can happen but I CHOOSE to let it go and not hinder me/stop me from growing.”

The newly gained confidence in my clients is noticeable by the smiles on their faces. In turn this flow through in the products or services they create attracting more clients to their businesses and therefore creating the success they’ve always wanted.

Your mind has the amazing capacity to help us create the reality you want to live. The choice of how we live and react is up to us. Your Inner Little Girl is a treasure. Who will always part of you but feel free to take her hand and let her know that you’ve got this. The adult in you is able to step past the fear, gain the knowledge and together you can step into the sunshine of success.

understanding the basics of business finance


Yvonne Morrison is the Chief Cheerleader of The Business Boutique where she helps women entrepreneurs gain confidence with their money mindset and finances. 

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