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Giveaway Monday – Review of a product for mums in business

Handle Your Own PR is the brainchild of Jules and Simone who believe PR is not rocket science and everyone can do it. I was lucky to review a press release list through Motivating Mum in the lead up to our What’s On 4 Junior Awards. As someone who has not had any formal or informal training in PR, this was a great starting point for me as I knew who I wanted to get in contact with but also knew getting these peoples contact details wasn’t going to be list for business, wahmOnce you have made your selection based on the most relevant media contacts for your business, it is emailed to you in the form of a spreadsheet. This then becomes similar to a ‘working in progress document’ as you can add further comments and conversations in adjoining columns.

The contacts in the media lists have approved giving their details, which is very important in building a relationship with them and provide their contact names, email addresses and phone numbers. You can then click on ‘view sample’ to see which media are on the list before hand to enable you to make an informed choice. They do say that if the email does ‘bounce back’ or the person has moved on to let them know and they will get the replacement details for you.

I was really impressed with the quality of the contacts on the list. There were details for many of the major parenting magazines and online businesses that I wanted to connect with which enabled me to create a plan of who I was to contact straight away. I saved so much time in researching and calling people to try and chase details, making the investment very worthwhile.

Utilising this service would be beneficial for small to medium businesses, start-ups and home businesses. During my Awards campaign I was able to make contact with publications who were happy to connect and receive my press release and received coverage as a result. I highly recommend people, especially start ups consider this service when planning PR for their business.

media list for business, wahmA little more on Jules Brooke & Simone Heydon from Handle Your Own PR:

After many years working with small clients, Jules and Simone set up Handle Your Own PR in 2009 for people who need PR but may not have the funds to employ an agency and are happy to do the hard work themselves. Handle Your Own PR is a DIY PR service for small, medium and home based businesses.

media list for business, wahmReviewed by Elise Easdown, owner of What’s On 4 Australia directories

Elise Easdown is a mum of two little ones and the owner of the award winning What’s On 4 Australia directories, including What’s on 4 little onesWhat’s on 4 school kids and What’s on 4 kids parties.

The giveaway:

Handle your own PR are giving away a free media contact list of your choice to the value of $250. Perfect for someone who wants to promote their business in the media in 2013!

Extra bonus for Motivating Mum – 20% off all media lists using the code MM20.

To win, leave a comment on your biggest struggle with PR, by Friday 5 July 2013.


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21 Responses to Media lists for your business

  1. PR is something that I need to great sorted, this list would be a great start!!

  2. Anna Chen says:

    Thank you for the great competition! Oh, where do I start? Besides the who, the biggest problems are the how and where to start, if my pitch is captive enough and answering the “what’s in it for me” type questions that will inevitably be asked and rightly so! Anna

  3. My biggest struggle seems to be a common one….TIME. The other one would be confidence. I struggle doing what I already do let alone finding time to actually market and promote myself properly. I also am not very good at talking myself up so find it really difficult to know what to say and who to say it to.

    • Alli says:

      That’s when it’s great to go to a Biz Mums Club and say ‘hey everyone – what’s fabulous about me and my business? What’s a great angle for a press release on what I do?’

      Cheers! Alli x

  4. Time! I am not an expert writer but I can knock up a press release that will hopefully do the trick, but then you need to source the right people and follow up – more time. If I knew the right people I would not be wasting the limited time I have leaving messages for the wrong person. A list of the right contacts would take away the guess work.

  5. Loren says:

    TIME would have to be my biggest struggle when it comes to PR. I have some great stories to tell within my business that would be of benefit to many small businesses, but as well as requiring time to find out who the right people are, it also takes a great deal of time to work out and match those stories l with the right people, publications, audiences, etc. I have the stories ready to go, but because I don’t have the other two pieces of the puzzle, those stories are going unnoticed. I have just employed someone that will help me with the issue of time, now I just have to work on the other two pieces of the puzzle and it sounds like Handle Your Own PR could be holding the pieces that I need. :)

  6. I find the biggest hurdle is pinpointing those exact words that will grab the attention above all the other email, contacts and bombardment these agencies would be up against each day.
    Keywords and point of difference are couple of the factors that could help us stand out..bit it’s not always easy.
    Love to get a look in and get a chance at showing off who we are and want we do, believing we have a great product to service most of us who are in the same boat; time poor and looking for ways to avoid unnecessary running around

  7. Hannah says:

    I find that i am really good at telling others how to market their own businesses, but when it comes to mine I have problems talking myself up so show others how great my services are. It’s like when working with other businesses I can see in black and white ie: this needs to be done and this is how to do it, but when I’m working on my own everything is grey.

  8. Troy Simpson says:

    With more than 190,000 Facebook Fans around the world, my biggest PR problem is talking in the “audience’s language”. A message that works for Westerners, doesn’t always work for others.

  9. Megan iemma says:

    My biggest struggle with PR is getting known both as a speaker and as a writer in the corporate industry. I don’t mind building relationships i.e. making the phone calls, sending the emails, however sometimes it’s the unknown that’s the problem. Having a well known name at the bottom of the email, can mean your pitch gets thru to the right person or not. The business itself as been going since March, however I have been working with these current topics since 2007. Social media I can manage myself, articles I can write myself…(as well as research), it’s just getting my name to the right people struggling to do!

  10. Lana Johnson says:

    My attempts to date with media has resulting in me being passed on to the advertising department! I haven’t yet clinched the ability to sell a good story for the editorial section. I now have a couple of story angles that might just grab an editors attention! A list of contact would be a huge help! Cheers, Lana

  11. Laura Egan says:

    My biggest problem is not having a great pitch to send out. Something standard but that can be tweaked to fit at a moments notice! Also finding the right angle between professional yet personal.

    • Alli says:

      Hi lovely Laura, we do write press releases at MM for $150 – so if you need an affordable one, we can defo help xx

  12. Emma says:

    My biggest struggle is definitely trying to get people to call you back or email you back or getting any response at all. It’s likely that the people I am emailing/calling are not the right people!

    • Alli says:

      Hi Emma, don’t wait for them to call you back or ask for them to – simply keep trying them until you get on to them! Best way x

  13. Liza Simpson says:

    I have this great unique product that I’m passionate about and some amazing relationships supporting not for profit organisations, but I have absolutely no idea where to start, from a public relations perspective. I don’t want to appear in every publication or media, I want to target the right ones and win their appeal. I just need a well thought out plan, would love to be put on the right track.

  14. Sophie Ellis says:

    As well as the obvious question of ‘who’ to contact, our biggest struggle when it comes to PR is ‘how’ to contact them.

    We know these are busy people and we have a really limited window in which to get our message across: how much or how little do you say? What format should the initial contact be in? What detailed information would they be looking for?. It’s so nerve-wracking not knowing the PR ‘etiquette’. We consistently feel like the new girls at the party being hosted by the coolest kid in class!

    This prize would be an extraordinary support for us to get our small home-run business to the next level.

  15. Helen says:

    Hi, My biggest struggle with PR is knowing who to contact… we have great stories to share, written well, with great images but if they don’t make it to the right people it just won’t get the coverage it deserves! As with everything I guess its easy when you know how (or maybe who!), but so many of the agencies want big $ to provide this kind of information, which is beyond most small business start ups! Helen

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