Mumpreneurs on Fire – who fired me up!

Written by Alli Price

For those of you who don’t know, I have been away at a 2 day conference in Adelaide called Mumpreneurs on Fire.

mumpreneurs on fire

Helen Roe, Karen Gunton & I

Over the two-day period I listened to many fabulous biz mums speak and met even more fabulous biz mums attending. However, there were a few who really lit my fire and I wanted to introduce you to them, so you could follow and be inspired by them also:

Karen Gunton of Build a Little Biz: As many of you may be aware, Karen was already a business crush of mine and after meeting her she’s now a crush. Period.

Her talk was on visual marketing and most of the talk I was cursing her as I knew it now meant I would be doing more work when I got home!


  • People connect with, and are affected by, visual more than text.
  • Create your own branded content as opposed to always sharing others as otherwise you’re promoting them, not you!

Helen Roe of The Orange Lantern: Was just such a gorgeous soul with a lovely calm energy.

She spoke on Right Brain business planning – business planning for those of us who look at a list or spreadsheet or traditional business plan and go ugh!


  • Business plans don’t have to be boring or traditional, they can be interesting, hands on and visual.

Linda Chaousis of Was a shining ball of orange brilliance and a mumpreneurs on firebloody good laugh!

She spoke on the law of attraction and aiming for your dreams.


  • Why not dream big? What have you got to lose? (I took a lot from this personally and will be writing all my dreams down now, and making them very specific).
  • Law of attraction is not just writing your dreams down, it’s also about working hard and looking for, and taking advantage, of those opportunities when they cross your path.

Lucy Cornes of She Shopped: Was a dynamo of drive and unapology.mumpreneurs on fire

She spoke on taking your FB likes to fans, although it was really a talk on authenticity and being yourself, always and with no regrets.


  • it’s okay to work through your holidays if that’s what you really love to do – why not?
  • It’s the quiet times when you are able to re-connect with your intuition, the busier and more frantic you are, the more you lose touch.

Sam Leith of Loved her as soon as I met her, probably because she was an tell-it-like-it-is original.

She expanded on her theory of Ditch it, Delegate it, Leverage it, Live it – a great too for running your busines (and living your life by).


  • Takea leap and take on a cleaner, bookkeeper or assistant to do the jobs you don’t want, or shouldn’t be doing. Have faith that you will make this back (and more) by doing what you love and what makes you money.
  • Don’t cut the things that take your time or money but you LOVE doing! Hello ‘The Bachelor’, I can still watch you!

Kathryn Hocking of Reverie Coaching: Was the organiser and host of the evemumpreneurs on firent.

She got it all done through disabling morning sickness that even put her in Hospital with dehydration – and it was a huge success!


  • If she can do it, we can too :-)

Enjoy checking out these fabulous ladies, I hope you find them as inspiring and thought-provoking as I did, cheers! Alli x

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5 Responses to Mumpreneurs on Fire – who fired me up!

  1. Thanks for sharing this Alli. You’ve actually been one of the key people who’s fire me up this year. It’s been great being part of the Glenhuntly BizMum’s Club (albeit for only a short time) this year, and I look forward to more inspiration and laughs in 2014. Karen xx

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  3. Wasn’t the conference fantastic! Thanks for your take home points, it gave me some reminders. I am really looking forward to starting my motivating mums group next year in Southern Adelaide :)

  4. Indy says:

    This was an AMAZING conference! Your session was brilliant also!! Can’t wait to throw myself out of a plane in the name of Mother Jumpers!! :)


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