My Four Favourite Stress Busting Tools

Stress Busting ToolsYou can use at home to help relieve stress and tension (and your kids can use them too!)

Schools back and it’s time to get back to business, well that’s if you had a break to start with!

And now it’s time to negotiate our long “to do” lists:

- School lunches

- School drops offs

- School pick ups

- After school activities

- Weekend running around

- Play dates

- Dinner

- Answering emails

- Attending networking events

- Seeing clients

- Building your business

So how DO you fit it all in? And how do you keep your sanity in amidst all of this? As a kinesiologist I see many clients struggling with a work life balance. Mums trying to fit it all in while building a business, being a mum and keeping their sanity. As a business owner with two very active school age kids as well as working as a part time office manager for another company I know all too well the struggles of trying to fit it all in without collapsing in a big heap at the end of the day.

So I wanted to share with you my four favourite tips for stress relief that you can try at home (or anywhere really!) Even the kids can use them.

Stress Busting ToolsEmotional Stress Response (ESR)

How to: You’ll find your ESR Points above the centre of each eyebrow and halfway to your hairline. (You might feel a slight bulge). Gently place three fingers of each hand over these points. Close your eyes and take ten deep breaths. (If children are frightened, they can leave their eyes open).

Why: Brings you into the present moment and helps to calm you when feeling overwhelmed or confused. Helps you to relax and also to eliminate feelings of anger or sadness.

Stress Busting ToolsHook-ups

How to: Part 1- Cross one ankle over the other. Extend your arms crossing one wrist over the other. Bring your palms together and interlace your fingers. Bring your hands up toward your chin. Sit quietly for a minute with your eyes closed while you breathe deeply.

Part 2 – Uncross your hands, arms, and legs. Bring your hands together with your fingertips touching lightly. Keep your eyes closed & breathe deeply.

Why: Part 1 activates the balance-related muscles, restoring balance after emotional stress. While part 2 offers a metaphor for the connection of the brain’s hemispheres through the corpus callosum and activates deeper breathing and relaxation.

Stress Busting ToolsYawning

How to: Put the fingertips of each hand on any tight spots you may feel along your jaw line and make a deep, relaxed yawning sound, opening the back of your throat as wide as you can as you gently stroke away any tension under your fingertips. Repeat three or more times or until your eyes begin to tear or you actually yawn.

Why: Yawning actually interrupts our stress response providing relief from stress. It also helps us to relax our vision and facial muscles, plus its fun to do!


Stress Busting ToolsAuriculars / Thinking Caps

How to: Move your head from side to side and notice any tension you may be holding onto. Use your thumbs and index fingers to pull your ears gently back and unroll them. Begin at the top of the ear and massage down and around the curve, ending with the bottom lobe. Repeat three or more times.

Why: The Thinking Cap stimulates reflex points that enhance hearing and understanding. It also helps to relax the shoulder and neck muscles.

I personally use all these tools and I hope you find them helpful. And remember these can be done by the kids as well so it’s a win win all round!

Until next time, remember Happiness Starts with a Smile!


Stress Busting Tools


Carolyn King, EmpowerKin

My name is Carolyn and I have been a practicing Kinesiologist for over 6 years. I am passionate about teaching others how to live a happy, authentic life using kinesiology and mindfulness techniques.

My website’s are and

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  1. Very important Blog. I like this.

  2. Mark Twin says:

    I personally use all these tools and I hope you find them helpful. And remember these can be done by the kids as well so it’s a win win all round!

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