Naming my Photo Book business was like having a baby

Purdy Barr Guest post by Purdie Barr, Mango Ink

Finding a name for little business felt like giving birth. A bit cleaner I’ll admit, but just as laborious. The hard (mental) yacka nearly did my head in and I swore (usually at my husband) that I would never be doing this again.

Technically, it was my second attempt at a business name. Late last year, I decided to rebrand. I was lacking direction and my existing name was boring and horribly unimaginative – to the point I was embarrassed to say it. (Okay. I’ll tell you. It was PHOTO BOOKS by purdie. Aggh. I still cringe. And the capitals thing? Seriously? What I was thinking.) But, I digress.

Over the course of a few months (it felt like nine), I spent hours and hours (usually at 2am) jotting down words that popped into my head, yet related to my craft of designing precious keepsakes for people. I brainstormed combinations and poured over the thesaurus for inspiration. I bugged my family for their suggestions. Friends were hounded with emails. Nothing seemed right.

Until one day, I was sitting at my desk, going about my Photo Book work, when the word ‘mango’ hit me. That was it! I had no idea why, but something was telling me I was onto something.

A few more labored hours (more like days) later, I remembered a holiday I went on when I was little. In the backyard was the biggest mango tree I’d ever seen. Mangoes had dropped to the ground and littered the backyard. Before we were allowed to play each day, we were sent out to collect a box of mangoes. Day after day, we picked hundreds of luscious mangoes. As I recalled this story, I felt happy. My sweet childhood memories were making me smile.

Then I had a light bulb moment. I realised life is filled with mango moments – childhood memories and birthday parties, falling in love and wedding days, giving birth and the joy of children and grandchildren, taking in the sights of the world and travelling.

Yes! It was perfect! The Photo Books I design and create bring everyone’s mango moments to life. Memories can fade over time, but a Photo Book is a permanent record. Something etched on paper that they’ll treasure forever. And so, mango ink was born.
Purdie Barr is a designer-of-sorts who helps your photos break out of the cupboard. She creates personalised coffee table books with your photos, from her home in rural South Australia, which she shares with her farmer husband, two kids, two dogs, 11 chooks and about 4,000 sheep.

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Are you in the process of choosing the right business name? Click the link for an article with fab tips on how.

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