Oh! Your events cost money, do they…

Written by Alli Price

‘Oh! Your events cost money, do they…in that case, I’m not interested.’

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I lost my associate in Orange recently, due to the difficulty with getting a Biz Mums Club up and running in her area. The main feedback? See above.

I wish I could tell you this was the first time I have heard this, but it isn’t, and it won’t be the last. And you know what? It’s a slap in the face. To me, to my Associates, to anyone that runs events.

Why do I take it so personally? Let me start by saying that there are many valid reasons for not attending events and I am completely happy if I get any of these reasons – I can’t afford it, I have to work, kids are ill or I don’t think the events are for me.

But to expect the events to be free?! This I don’t understand – especially when it’s business to business. How can people who sell products/services for a living expect others to give their time for free? Who do they think will feed my kids? Pay my rent? While I am donating my time to further their interests?

It it also especially galling when events are so bloody hard to put on! I know some people think events management is easy (I believe that’s part of the reason why peeps expect it to be free) but let me tell you – putting together an event and then actually getting people there is one of the hardest businesses to run.

Take a look at this face:

My face after pulling together an Expo! Stressful much?!

Is this the face of someone in an easy business?

I understand there are some events that are free. Luckily enough for event attendees some events are:

  • Government funded,
  • run as an introduction to being on-sold something else or;
  • run by someone who is doing it for fun and doesn’t need the money.

However, because some events are able to be offered free, doesn’t mean every event can or should be. And at the end of the day, whether it’s free or not should only make up a small part of your decision in attending – you should also be looking at the benefit and value of the event to you and your business.

So next time someone tells you about an event they’re running, instead of asking ‘Why should you pay?’, maybe the question you should be asking yourself is ‘How can you not pay?’

Cheers, Alli x

Image courtesy of foto76 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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