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Giveaway Monday – Review of a service for mums in business

I was so excited to win this giveaway as I had just rebranded and was tweaking my website and trying to make it look pretty! I’m an energy therapist and support clients intuitively, and though I have a background in IT, design isn’t really my forte. So, perfect timing!

online banner to attract sales

Natasha and I first connected over email, before having a chat on the phone to make sure that we were on the same page. There was some confusion on my part as to what was included, so this was good!

During the call, Natasha asked for information from me, including what I wanted to have on the banner and asked for me to send through my logo.

I got the information through to Natasha and she explained the timeframe in which I could expect a draft from her. She sent this through and asked for my feedback, quickly replying with tweaks and changes before we got the outcome I was happy with.

Natasha promptly replied to emails and was very helpful, flexible and accommodating, even when I got side-tracked and took a long time to get back to her. :)

Great service and I would use again.

online banner to attract salesA little more on Natasha Stewart of Bluebird Marketing:

Graphic design and marketing trained Natasha offers a range of packages to cover all budgets and uses her design and marketing training to look at the bigger picture of creating a website designed to generate sales and/or leads for your business as opposed to just sitting there and looking pretty!

online banner to attract salesReviewed by Kelly Burch from Transformations with Kelly Burch:

As a Melbourne-based Energist who supports people all over the world via Skype, Kelly would love to use her energy techniques, intuition, and years of experience to support YOU in your very own transformation, allowing you to step into your True Self and live a life that is effortlessly you!

The giveaway:

Bluebird Marketing is giving away an online banner that can be used across multiple platforms such as your website, email attachment or Facebook page. Designed to attract more sales or leads to your product or service. Please note coding of the banner into your website is not included unless it is directly replacing another banner. The session can take place via email or phone and is valued at $75.

For your chance to win, please tell us why having a website is important to your business. The prize will be drawn this Friday 19 July 2013.



Hosted by Three Lil Princesses

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6 Responses to Online banners that work

  1. Net Nanny says:

    Sounds like a great prize for anyone running a business or blog. A nice looking logo or banner is very important and l am just disappointed that l missed the cut off for entries, but good luck to all who are in the running

  2. Social Media and the Internet is the new way of communication now. People want to find out information with the click of a button. customers are able to look up information about you and your business at all hours not just limited to typical business hours. It allows you to share links, photos and ideas to help promote your business these are some things you can’t do verbally over the phone – as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. I find that also its easier with a website or facebook that you can send people the links quickly and easily via email, linked-in, facebook posts etc and so if they want to refer you on they can ‘share’ this information too. No more needing to give out additional business cards or go madly searching for a spare one to hand out that’s been sitting in the bottom of your bag LOL. Anything online spreads like wildfire!

  3. Having a website gives customers easy access to information about my business. In this day and age an online presence is essential if you want to grow your business and I want to grow mine!

  4. Well, my website IS my business! Being an online store it is everything – store and check-out, information pages, articles, etc etc.

    Thank you for this review, I have been on the hunt for a new graphic designer… I have been making my own banners in picmonkey and I’m sure they are not as effective as they should be!

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