Preparation is Great : Practice is BETTER

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Non-sales people often think that marketing and sales are the same, and for good reason; they are complementary disciplines. But I am here to tell you that grouping them together can stop you selling!

SalesHere are 3 great sales tips to improve your sales based on the differences between Marketing and Sales.

SALES TIP 1: Sales is NOT Marketing!

Marketing is the process by which you seek to understand and deliver your product and associated services to market, this process ‘puts the product on the shelf’.

Selling is the act of persuading or influencing an individual customer to buy a product or service from you. I think of it as conversion of the potential.

SALES TIP 2: Sales has to be Practiced In Front of Clients

Preparation in marketing is essential. Researching, designing and readying your collateral takes time and diligence. I know you like having marketing materials to build your confidence to get in front of clients.

In sales, nothing replaces the practice of face to face contact with a real live potential client. This is where you learn, first hand, how to listen to what this customer wants to buy and how to influence their buying decision. If you listen well, you can then show them that you have a credible solution to their problem.

SALES TIP 3: Suspects ain’t Prospects

Marketing can help people find out about you and bring suspects (people who may be interested in solving a problem or may be aware of their problem) into your orbit.

Sales looks at ways to convert active and engaged prospects (people who are actively looking for a solution to a problem they have).

Knowing and using your sales process will help you convert prospects into customers (who pay you money!).

My advice to people who want to sell > “Don’t wait!” Now is the time to get in front of your target audience, find some prospects and get first-hand experience in understanding their needs and problems and how they want to buy from you.

Let me know how you get on!



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One Response to Preparation is Great : Practice is BETTER

  1. Hi Frances,

    Great post looking at sales and marketing from a new angle!

    I really agree with what you said here…
    “In sales, nothing replaces the practice of face to face contact with a real live potential client”…

    I found face to face selling is a great way to boost confidence and just get comfortable talking to potential clients.


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