Preventing Workplace Accidents in Your Office

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Nobody wants accidents to occur, but in too many workplaces, accident prevention is considered the sole responsibility of the occupational health and safety (OHS) representative or officers. Injury prevention is a vitally important consideration in every workplace, but it must be approached as a shared responsibility.

Of course, if you are affected by accident or injury in the workplace, it’s essential that you receive support. Much of this support should come from within the workplace, but you may also need to contact and work with legal specialists. If this is the case, seek out providers of legal services who are reputable, will protect your rights and take the time to understand your situation, such as Sinnamon Lawyers.

Take Action to Prevent Falls

The most common type of accident to occur in an office is falls. Falls are serious and some research shows that a fall in an office is twice as likely to result in a disabling injury as a fall occurring elsewhere.

It’s important that staff and visitors watch where they are going and be mindful of the path they are taking through the space and any hazards that may be present within it. A person’s view should not be obscured by large bulky items and the office should be well lit.


Only use a Ladder to get Something that is out of Reach

In many offices, particular items are located in places beyond reach. If you need to retrieve something that is located up high, only use a ladder (and ensure that it is used safely and correctly). Do not give in to the temptation of using other pieces of equipment – such as shelving, a desk or chairs – to help you reach something up high. It’s just too dangerous.

Ensure that Drawers are Closed when not in use

It may well be easier to leave a drawer open if you are in the middle of something and will soon be needing to use it again, but leaving a drawer open can be incredibly dangerous for others that may approach your desk. Although the presence of filing cabinets in offices is becoming less and less (thanks to the use of digital data storage solutions), filing cabinets are particularly hazardous and can cause significant injury if tripped over or walked into.

Use your Office Chair Properly

In the vast majority of offices, much work occurs in the seated position. However, it’s important that you use your chair properly and keep your back straight, your feet on the floor and get up (rather than twist your body into unnatural, uncomfortable positions), if you cannot reach something. As regularly as possible, you should get up and move around to not only move your body but also give your eyes and brain a rest from an overload of screen time.

Workplace accidents are an unfortunate reality. However, steps can and should be taken to reduce their likelihood and negative impacts. What other tips do you think belong on this list?

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