Pros and Cons of Opening a Café or Bar


Has it ever been your dream to open up a quirky garden café that serves up great coffee and wholesome, fresh food in a relaxing atmosphere?

How about an underground bar pouring the best cocktails in the city accompanied by share plates that will make your mouth water?

Opening up a café or bar is something a lot of people consider. Many even take the plunge into the hospitality industry in the hope of realising their true passion and creating a job that doesn’t feel like work. We all know the hospitality industry is not always fine dining, good food and happy customers, so here are the pros and cons of opening your own café or bar:


  • A culture for dining out is growing as people choose to go out for dinner, try new experiences, and eat delicious food on a regular basis rather than sparingly or for special occasions.
  • Professional shopfitters, such as TU Projects, can make your space completely unique so that you stand out amongst the crowd of average cafés and bars. Shopfitters will also ensure the space works for you and the customers, so everyone can have an enjoyable, relaxing time as soon as they walk in the door.
  • The days are not getting shorter but people are getting busier and busier. This opens up a new opportunity for cafés and restaurants, especially to cater for time-poor families who want good food quickly and for a fair price.
  • There’s the satisfaction that comes with realising you have achieved your dream, created something special for people to enjoy, and secured a host of regular customers who support your business.
  • When things go right, you can achieve, long-term financial security for yourself and the business.



  • The café and bar industry is saturated with choice, so it can be hard, especially for a new, small business, to stand out in an overcrowded market.
  • The start-up cost involved in opening up a café or bar is high because equipment, produce, and licensing are all large and ongoing expenses.
  • The success of your business and its incoming revenue is highly dependent on your customers. It is a gamble that sees you relying on the opinion of the general public whose views can be very subjective.
  • If you have ventured into the hospitality industry as a new business owner rather than a franchisee, there is no overarching company that will prop you up when you are down. While being an independent business may have its advantages, there is an increased degree of security when franchising an already established brand that you will not have the luxury of relying on.

While this isn’t a list to deter you from opening your own café or bar, it is important to consider both the pros and cons of every project before investing in it financially and emotionally. Balancing the pros and cons will allow you to see every factor of the project without tunnel vision, which is essential when starting a business.

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