Quick healthy lunches to keep you going

healthy lunchIt’s one o’clock, you’ve worked hard all morning and you are HUNGRY! What will you have for lunch that will nourish your body and be ready to eat quickly?

Here are a few ideas to get you inspired and looking forward to lunch time.


• Avocado and feta on wholegrain / wholemeal toast (add a poached egg if you like)

• Steamed veggies with some butter and pepper e.g. broccoli, spinach, carrots, corn

• Vegetable soup. Try making a big batch over the weekend to last you through the week. Lunch is SORTED!

• Wholemeal wraps. Add in the veggies that appeal to you along with some herbs and spices for flavour, such as spinach leaves, tomato, lettuce, avocado, beans or pumpkin, cold meats, cheese… Wraps are so versatile, so be creative!

• Omelette. Another great lunch that you can modify to suit you. Choose from a variety of ingredients including spring onion, tomato, ham, cheese, red capsicum, smoked salmon, spinach, onions, mushrooms, asparagus, corn… the list goes on! Have fun!


• Sushi. Opt for salmon, tuna or salad fillings.

• A sandwich or wrap from a good old fashioned sandwich shop. Go somewhere they will prepare your sandwich, wrap or roll in front of you and not add extras that you weren’t aware of. Go for wholemeal or wholegrain where possible.

• Soups. Opt for soups that list all ingredients and ideally are made fresh on-site. If you frequent the CBD of Melbourne, I have fond memories of Soul Soup Cafe from my city working days.


• Boiled eggs or egg mix in sandwich with lettuce. Prepare boiled eggs or an egg mix by adding a little herbs, spices or sauces such as chives, salt, pepper, turmeric or some tomato! Time to get creative.

• Leftovers. Leftovers are so handy for work the next day! It’s best to get some veggies or some salad in at lunch, but if your leftovers don’t include either just be sure to work them into your dinner. Watch your portion size and eat what you know will assist you to power through the afternoon, or you might end up falling asleep at your desk!

• Toastie. If you have a sandwich maker at work, bring in some wholemeal or wholegrain bread, cheese, tomato, ham or whatever ingredients you like for a quick, tasty lunch. Add some baby spinach leaves for a calcium and iron boost to your lunch.

• Chicken and baby spinach leaves or lettuce on wholegrain or wholemeal bread. The meat and salad combination as well as the bread provide a nice balance to see you through your afternoon.

• Tinned fish. Keep some of these in your drawer at work for backup when having a sandwich or salad and need that extra filling.

Eating well does take some time and effort in preparing meals and making sure you have a range of good foods on hand. Have fun trying out new things and utilising ingredients in different ways!


healthy lunch ideasKate Mackay, Invigorate Wellness

Kate Mackay is a health & wellness coach at Invigorate Wellness with a passion for helping business women & entrepreneurs get energised and productive in their businesses & lives through building healthy lifestyle habits.

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