Resilient Superheroes

tips for working mumsGuest post by Aerlie Wildy, Healthy Life Coaching

Working mums are like superheroes! I hope many of you will be nodding. We run successful businesses, care for our families and do the million other things that it takes to just keep our head above water, and have a life as well. That’s pretty super to me!

Downward Spiral

Many working mums are actually working at home, which can be really lonely. Dealing with the ups and downs of being in business, or just working through projects can be difficult when doubts, hesitation, a bit of negative feedback, or just a series of events can bring us down. It’s those times when we feel like everything is falling in on top of us that can be so hard to bounce back from. And it’s usually when the internet goes down, or the printer jams, too. I think they can sense it!!

Building Resilience

My justification for labelling mums superheroes comes from the resilience I see in so many mums day after day. They may feel down, like nothing is going their way, their confidence is non-existent and nothing goes right. Still, they have to stay on top of things, otherwise family life can very quickly come crashing down. The relentlessness of parenthood is difficult for everyone, but trying to pick yourself up internally whilst being a motivated parent is hard. You can build resilience so that the struggle back isn’t so hard each time. You probably do it and not even aware of it.

5 Tips to Build Resilience for Working Mums

1. Get a good night’s sleep. Often, that flat feeling can hit really hard because we are tired. A good night’s sleep does make everything seem better in the morning. It can help to put things in perspective and more rational. If you have trouble sleeping, try meditation or exercise so that you are rested and physically tired, not just mentally.

2. Connect with people and use your networks. Forums, online networks, FB groups, as well as connecting with friends or other women in business can be so motivating and supportive. Mums are great at supporting other mums. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with a friend or a group.

3. Separate facts from emotions. Your emotions are real, but try not to let them rule your life. You can acknowledge them, and give them time, but try not to dwell on them for too long, as they can end up being an obstacle to moving on. Once you have acknowledged them, try and problem solve a resolution, or new strategy or mindset. This in itself is a great strategy for motivation and finding your direction again.

4. Enjoy some time away from work, have some fun with your family, so that you can return feeling more refreshed. Break the cycle, and do something different.

5. Recall another time when you were feeling low and managed to pick yourself up. What did you do? How could you work that into a more formal strategy that you can replicate over and over again? Perhaps you treated yourself, or caught up with a friend, or went for a run. Whatever it is, make a note of it, so that next time you notice yourself heading down, you can implement it earlier and break the fall.

Ultimately, don’t be too hard on yourself. Even superheroes scrape their knees every now and then!

tips for working mumsAerlie Wildy, Certified Life Coach. Healthy Life Coaching helps busy mums create a healthy balance in their work and family life. You can receive a FREE Ride of Your Life Balance Coaching session, as well as one on one coaching via her website. She is also getting ready to launch Time Savvy Mums, a self-coaching / time management Ecourse.

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