Sales Training Online for People Who Don’t Like Selling!

Giveaway Monday – Review of a product for mums in business

It is my absolute pleasure to be reviewing the KISS to Sell online sales course being run by Frances Pratt.

sales training

I was drawn to this course as it advertises itself as “Selling for those who don’t like selling”. Well this is me to a tee and I was very excited to be given the opportunity to review the workshop.

Most of us Mums in business are great at what we do, but getting clients is one of the challenges a lot of people have and this course could be the answer to your needs.

It was a really comprehensive course delivered in a friendly and professional manner. I loved the videos and Frances exuded a feeling of “Yes! I can do this” while being calm and gentle in her guidance of the sales process.

The workbooks provided throughout the workshop are very comprehensive and a great resource to have. Even though they had loads of pages, I printed mine out so that I can refer to the ‘homework’ that I did during the course and have them close to hand.

There were links to bonus material, including sales aids and checklists as well as links to the always-interesting TED Talks which were relevant and helpful.

The only thing that made me a little confused was that I received a double up of all the content. I’m not sure if it was something I did (perhaps I registered twice) or something that is a glitch, but it got a bit confusing till I worked out what was going on. I got up to Video 2 and the bonus material and suddenly Video 1 stuff appeared in my inbox and so it followed all the way to the end. I thought at first there was a glitch in the KISS to sell system and that things were coming out of order, but once I worked it out, I just deleted the duplicates and continued on my merry way.

One of the reasons I was so excited to try this workshop out is that I run courses myself teaching people how to start up a Virtual Assistant business and a lot of the time they aren’t confident sellers and don’t understand the sales process. I will have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to go over and attend the KISS To Sell training program to help them start their business!

In all, the KISS To Sell training program is one I would highly recommend (and will do so) – if you don’t have a sales background, contact Frances and do this course. The return on investment will most definitely be worth it!

sales trainingA little more on Frances Pratt, KISS to Sell

Frances Pratt is a sales professional of more than 17 years.  She has grown a business from $400,000 to over $4 million in turnover in 4 years.  She continually exceeds  her sales targets, by minimum of 156%.  This has been driven through retaining and increasing sales to existing clients and bringing in the ever important new client sales.  She has taken these skills to help other sales professionals and non-sales people alike to better understand the buying process and how you best help your clients buy.

Frances now brings these insights and advice to demystify sales and selling, giving you the power to deliver dramatic sales results for your business.

Reviewed by Chris Crowe, C Squared Virtual Admin Services

sales trainingChris Crowe is the owner of C Squared Virtual Admin Services. As well as offering awesome VA services, she is the founder, designer and deliverer of the Start Up Virtual Assistant workshop – a workshop designed to help Mums with an admin background get their VA business up and running. Contact Chris at or on 0425 292 688 for all your VA needs.

The giveaway:

KISS to Sell (Keep It Simple Skills) is an 8 week comprehensive, online sales training program worth $347. For your chance to win this great prize, simply tell us what you hate most about sales.

Leave your comment below by this Friday 1 November 2013 for your chance to win!

sales training

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19 Responses to Sales Training Online for People Who Don’t Like Selling!

  1. Set your sights on the stars. Go for gold. Think big and go for it. Mediocre goals and targets are for sales wimps not sales superstars!

  2. Increased customer service can be a surprising by-product of teaching your staff better sales skills. Many managers are surprised at the way customers respond to the increased interpersonal communication skills staff have when they learn better sales skills. When staff learn to pay more attention to the signals the customers send out, the customers receive better customer service and are happier. Happy customers are the best marketers for the business.

  3. Arguably the most important benefit, training multiple departments with a common sales process will bridge the gap that traditionally exists between sales and the rest of the organization, as well as foster an attitude of collaboration.

  4. In most business models, a sales team is a crucial business development function, so having a sales-centric workforce is critical. Providing sales training to the departments outside of sales allows your entire organization to become focused on the customers that give your company a purpose, and the buying experience that they receive.

  5. Another benefit of increasing the sales skills of your staff by attending sales training courses is that the staff are far more likely to introduce the customer to other products in your portfolio. For example we think of up-selling as the typical “Do you want fries with that?”, but it can be much more complex than that. Great sales people will focus on all products and opportunities that benefit the customers and give better customer service.

  6. Obviously, the first reason your business will benefit from implementing ongoing sales training courses for your sales team is that sales will naturally increase, leading to greater profits. The more understanding your staff members have of the sales process, the easier it is to convert customer inquiries into sales. As your staff learn sales skills, like starting the sales dialogue, discovering the reason for the purchase, and closing the deal, you will definitely increase your sales.

  7. Many business leaders think that customer service and sales are actually different departments and have no relationship – in reality the sales and service should never be seen as separate issues – customer service is about understanding the customer’s needs, and sales is about selling products that meet those needs. When you link the two processes in a closer way, you will find the business benefits from happier customers and increased sales as the sales team can be selling products to suit the customers..

  8. Julie van Nispen says:

    I’ve never been the pushy type I’m more of a go with the flow kinda gal so it’s difficult for me to be assertive & put the hard word on people to commit to booking a service. Any tips would be much appreciated.

  9. Frances says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments —– Good Luck !!

  10. Sarah says:

    What a great giveaway. Thank you Chris for letting me know about it, it sounds like a fantastic course and would love to win it. Fingers crossed :)

  11. Leah Potter says:

    Hi, I would love to win the opportunity to do the full training programme. I have good products and in my heart I believe in them all but a little voice inside my head always tells me my products are not good enough and I end up dropping my prices or even doing work free of charge. I would really love the opportunity to learn to overcome that anxiety and feelings of thinking my products are not worth people paying a fair price for.

  12. liz says:

    Sounds fantastic

  13. Eve John says:

    I get really uncomfortable asking for the order. It can be really tricky, knowing how to phrase it all and have checklists would be great.

  14. I would love to have this opportunity.

  15. Emily says:

    I hate trying to convince people they need my service and explain how it would be beneficial to them and why I am different from everybody else

  16. Aerlie says:

    Sounds perfect for me! I’m confident in my abilities to provide my services, but often feel that I am let down by my ability to sell myself! Any chance for an ecourse is good for me…I love them! Writing one myself, so will definitely need to sell it soon!

  17. Thanks Chris ! Sorry about the double up … human error on my part!
    Promise not to do it to everybody who signs up :)

    Can’t wait to hear that comments on what you hate about sales !! Bring it on !!

  18. Seana Smith says:

    I hate the time it takes. I’m a content creator and would much much rather be making something new!!

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