Schedule in some “me” time with the WhyTime App

Giveaway Monday – Review of a product for mums in business

When the opportunity to review the WhyTime app came along I jumped at it, I love an app (who doesn’t) I use apps for all sorts of things, (grocery shopping, tracking aircraft, the weather) . So an app to help me make time for myself sounded perfect. I have 3 busy teenagers, so time for myself is something that never seems to happen.

WhyTime App

The idea is that you schedule time for yourself in the form of an activity with a positive affirmation. The affirmation is written by filling in the blanks on the screen with your activity, why it is good for you and what you will achieve by doing it. You date it and add the time for when you want to do the activity , you can make it a once only or repeat on the same time every day. A notification comes up on your screen to prompt you and the affirmation reminds you why you should be doing the activity.

I found the affirmation a little hard to take on board as it’s not the language I normally use. I also thought the setting up of the activity to be a bit clunky and I had to figure a lot of how it worked on my own as I couldn’t find a help screen. Being time poor, this wasn’t something I wanted to do and I had to find the time to work it all out before I could schedule any activities for myself.

Sadly this app wasn’t for me but it may be perfect for someone else.


WhyTime App

A little more on Twenty Six Letters / WhyTime App

Twenty Six Letters is a design and innovation practice, created by co-founders Marianne Sourial (LLB, B.Comm, GDLP) and Meriam Salama (B.Env Des, B.Arch (Hons)). Their philosophy to bring joy through refined, considered and whimsical design led to the development and launch of their first product, the DecoGlide™ . They continue to work across broad areas of expertise to bring to fruition truly innovative products and services.

WhyTime is a new mobile app by Twenty Six Letters, that helps busy mums and individuals take time out from their overscheduled, overcommitted lives and prioritise their own health and wellbeing. Encouraging users to reflect on what really matters to them in life, the WhyTime app provides users with an opportunity to recharge and remember who they are outside all of their other roles.

It functions much like a scheduling app, but with two differentiating features. One is the highly visual interface, which combines inspiring and motivating photos and quotes with a daily task list and the second is the customised messages which appear when a reminder goes off, to affirm to the user exactly what it will mean to them to do this task, or what it will mean to them if they dismiss it. Depending on which option they choose they will see either their affirming message giving them the motivation to make time for their scheduled task.

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WhyTime App


Reviewed by Kerri Gravina, Vintage Sew and So

Kerri Gravina from Vintage Sew and So produces bespoke Event/Party props and linen, that are available in her online store.



The giveaway:

We are giving away these fab WhyTime apps to three lucky mums. Valued at $4.49 each.

To win, simply leave a comment to the question below by Friday 21 February 2014.

What would you schedule time for if you had access to the WhyTime app?


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  1. Hi Kerri, thank you for taking the time to check out the app, and for your genuine feedback – we’ll take them on board for our next update! With thanks, Meriam Salama – WhyTime Founder and Editor.

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