Simplify your health (it doesn’t have to be complicated!)

simplify your healthA lot of us get put off starting an exercise regime or healthy eating goal for fear of not reaching the end-goal or destination.

I am here to tell you today that it is better to get started, than to never have gotten started at all!

A few key areas of health that do require some time and attention in order for us to live healthy, energised lifestyles include our eating habits, our daily routines and also setting up healthy boundaries, to bring balance into our lives.

Let’s take a quick look at how we can simplify these areas so you can create a healthier happier you.


Too often we get caught up in what is happening in the world of food and trends that we can forget that the idea is to simply eat more nutritious foods.

What are some quick ways to do just that?

• Stock up on apples and bananas so they are on hand for additions to your breakfast or as a snack.

• Keep some nuts and dried fruits in your handbag for those moments when hunger starts to set in.

• Buy baby spinach, red capsicum, lettuce leaves and cucumber, so you always have some salad ingredients to have as a side-dish with your dinner.


Are you prone to stress? Find yourself rushing around feeling out of control at the slightest change of plan? Here’s a few ideas for you.

• Always have your handbag and car keys in the same spot to avoid any last minute rushing panic!

• Tidy up the house, even if just for 5 minutes, at the end of the day so you feel a little more on control of your environment (and wake up to a neater household!).

• Get up 15 minutes earlier. I know those minutes are precious, but this gives you a chance to take a few deep breaths and get ahead by starting to prepare for the day e.g. preparing breakfasts and lunches, sitting down and having that coffee and a few quiet minutes on your own.


Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed because you’ve said yes to every social invite this week? Or perhaps you feel out of whack because you’ve spent extra hours on work which has meant less time for everything else. I hope you find these tips useful!

• Choose a few nights during the week (in advance) which will be your designated early nights. For example, I will go to bed at an earlier time (e.g. 9:30pm) on Mondays and Thursdays and read before going to sleep. Sometimes it can really help to plan ahead and make you feel more refreshed the next day and through the week.

• Get used to saying no to some events if you find yourself feeling stressed from all the engagements you have on. Just because you’ve been invited does not mean you have an obligation to be there. Master the art of choosing what you will say yes or no to.

• Book in time with your most important people. Sometimes life gets away from us and if there’s no plan, we may not see that special friend for a long time. Give them a call and book a time in, even if it’s weeks away!


simplify your health


Kate Mackay, Invigotate Wellness

Kate Mackay is a food and wellbeing coach who loves seeing women thrive in their work and life through balancing priorities, building in simple healthy eating habits and getting creative with exercise. 

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