Six Tips for Success in the Wellness Industry

health and wellness tipsEver wanted to know the secrets of success of the business mums you follow on social media? Recently, I had the privilege of having conversations with 6 amazing and inspiring mums, who run their own successful wellness businesses across Melbourne. They generously shared their stories and what they consider to be the keys to their success.

Fiona Redding is the founder of The Happiness Hunter, life coach and business strategist, mentor, consultant and speaker. She is also co-host of #BusinessAddicts – the podcast. The Happiness Hunter is built on three core pillars of reciprocity, connection and well-being. They provide walks, a leadership program connecting passionate and aware business leaders and entrepreneurs globally, the You Can Change Your Life Bootcamp, workshops, retreats, strategic business consulting and business and personal mentoring.

I had the privilege of connecting with Fiona when she spoke at the 2016 Motivating Mum expo and was immediately drawn to her energy, enthusiasm for life and amazing community she has created within The Happiness Hunter.

Fiona’s top tip for success: Surround yourself with supportive people

This is so important when you are flying solo and need to wear many hats – some of which you may never have worn before. Networking groups are a great way to find those awesome souls in which to fill your tribe, who possess the expertise and experience you need for your business and other aspects of your life. They are also the people who will help celebrate your wins and support you during any challenging times.

Lynne Rivero is a clairvoyant, healer and success mentor based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and has been enlightening lives since 2004. Like many of us she started her wellness business as a hobby, on a part-time basis when her children were younger. She moved into her business on a full time basis 5 years ago after leaving her corporate job. Lynne’s big passion is clearing blockages and then showing her clients how to integrate spirituality into their lives, careers and their businesses. She also loves helping people to create their own success by trusting in the love, support and guidance of the Universe.

Lynne’s top tip: Set small goals for yourself each month

Set small goals for yourself to achieve each month, such as number of clients, number of enquiries and number of networking events to attend.

Rather than just focus on weekly earnings and how many clients you see on a weekly basis, look at the long term picture and track your success over a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

When you fly solo in business, there is no one to pat you on the back, cheer you on and remind you how awesome you are. You need to be your own champion and celebrate your big and small wins. Setting small goals for yourself is a great way to track your success and charge you up for the next month and year ahead.

Catharine Ross of Break Free with EFT, is a Melbourne-based EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting Practitioner. She specialises in helping people overcome anxiety and other issues. She has been in business for 5 years and is also mum to 1 year old Lily. She decided to start her business, after going from job to job trying to find what she wanted to do with her life. Catharine has always been passionate about helping people and so fell into recruitment, eventually becoming a Business Development Manager. After being made redundant, she realised it was time to find her soul’s purpose and after having great success using EFT for her own issues, decided that this was the road she wanted to take. It’s Catharine’s mission to empower the wider community to take control of their heath using this amazing technique and realise that health and happiness starts from within.

Catharine’s top tip for success: Work on your own beliefs around success and worthiness. Your self-worth = your net worth

Everyone has their own “stuff” and beliefs that can keep them stuck. The best starting point is to examine your own values and beliefs about yourself and what you are worthy/capable of. Do you have a fear of failure? Or a fear of success and what it might bring ie: more responsibility, less free time etc? What are your beliefs about money and work? From there, you can work on letting go of these things, which can sabotage your business if they are not addressed. Catharine recommends EFT as the fastest way to work through these issues.

In relation to money, people in the wellness industry often hold a belief that “money isn’t spiritual” or “it’s not ok to charge a fee to help someone.” This can have a serious impact on wellness practitioners and their ability to build a wellness business and generate a comfortable income. Catharine teaches entrepreneurs how to let go of their limiting beliefs and understand that they deserve to be paid for their time and efforts. She used to fear asking to be paid when she first started out in her own business and would then attract people who couldn’t afford to pay her. Now she effortlessly attracts clients who can pay and 90% of them take a 5 session upfront package. It is effortless for her now, because believes in herself, the service she offers and the results her clients achieve.

Barbara Swiatkiwsky is a fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapist, specialising in Bowen Therapy and has a home based clinic in West Preston, in Melbourne. She began her business from home when her first child was 2 years old and has been in business for 15 years. She overcame many challenges and obstacles and has created a fantastic online study program called First Sisters, that is filled with the keys to her success. This 8 week program sets out useful practical tips on setting up a home based wellness business. I connected with Barbara when I completed the live round of this course earlier this year and found it to be informative and invaluable for wellness practitioners, who are new to the industry.

Barbara’s top tip for success: Make self-care a priority

Self-care and fitness were Barbara’s top priorities when she first started building her home based business with two small children. She joined a gym that had a crèche and would go each week with her two boys to an exercise class and chat to other mums afterwards. She found this class to be a great way to combine fitness and networking with likeminded mums. She did this for 10 years and then switched to cycling when both of her children reached school age.

Diz Randall of Yoga Diz, has been a hatha yoga student for over 30 years and teacher for 20 of those years. Based in a tranquil home based studio in her back garden in Nunawading, in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Diz has a wide following in the local community. She was one of the early pioneers of yoga in the 1970s, when there were only a handful of teachers running classes across Melbourne. For Diz, the discovery of yoga was life changing and a much needed element of self-care in her life, at a time when she was raising two young children, whilst her musician husband was frequently on the road touring the country.

Diz’s top tip for success: Continuous professional development

Diz recommends always continuing to develop and grow your skills, so that you can offer your clients or students the very highest quality of service and teaching. She regularly attends yoga retreats throughout the year to stay connected with the continuous evolution of yoga.

Diz’s commitment to her ongoing professional development has led to an ever growing tribe of loyal students, many of who have been with her for almost 20 years.

Clara Robertson is a Regional Vice President for Arbonne International and has been in business for 4.5 years. Clara has 8 year old twin boys. She initially looked into Arbonne when they were 3 years old, because she wanted extra income whilst juggling part-time marketing consulting work and caring for her boys. Arbonne appealed to her, because it was a “business-in-a-box” all ready to go, from an impressive brand that had been operating successfully since 1980. A year and a half later, she became the Regional Vice President and left the corporate world for good. Clara’s motivation to sell Arbonne is due to its exceptional highly quality products being clean, vegan certified and made without any nasty ingredients. The most enjoyable element of her job is mentoring other people to grow a successful business if they want to earn another income stream whilst caring for their families.

Clara’s top tip for success: Focus on your long-term vision

Your long-term vision is one of the most important elements of your business. It can be challenging to grow your business when your children are young. Clara’s advice to mums just starting out in business, is to not be too hard on yourself, when you are feeling frustrated about the limited time you have to spend on building your business. She advises simply taking small steps each day and over time you will move towards this long-term vision. These small steps will help keep the momentum going in your business, until you have more time to devote to it.

Lastly, a tip from me is Don’t Give Up. There will be times when it all feels too hard to grow your business and care for your family. Ask for help and take it graciously, with no guilt. I know of the struggle you feel, I am right there, next to you in the trenches, doing the hard work to build my client base in the limited time I have whilst my twin boys are young. I too had times of wanting to give up during this cold and challenging Melbourne winter, where everyone around me was snivelling and coughing away and full nights of sleep were a rarity. But I couldn’t. I have seen IT. I have seen my big vision of my business and what I will be able to build it into in the coming years. It looks amazing! Now that the door to my dream is open, it can’t be closed. It just might sometimes be ajar, during challenging times, when family responsibilities take priority. But it is always there, always waiting for me to come back and greet it with open arms.

Always connect with your big vision. It’s what will keep you going and marching forward. And remember, you are already a success exactly where you are right now, in this present moment.

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Melissa Mills from Like Minded Souls Natural Therapies, offers mobile massage, Reiki healing and intuitive readings across the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

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