Sleep, Your Key to Success

sleep and successDo you spend enough hours’ horizontal? Or are you, as the saying goes, ‘burning the candle at both ends’?

Depending on where you are in the life cycle of children and business, will depend on your quantity and quality of sleep. However, regardless of the quantity you get, if you are getting good quality sleep then you are aiding your business success.


When I started this article I was intending to give you facts about sleep, how it is key to success and how to get the best quality sleep possible. But as I sit to finish, I am in the midst of broken sleep and sleepless nights. So I also want to encourage you with some self-care and kindness tips and remind you that you are awesome and as a wife/partner, mum, business woman & entrepreneur you are doing an amazing job!

So…. How Does Sleep Impact on Our Success?

Have you ever noticed that after pulling consecutive days of long hours and late nights that your concentration and productivity begin to be affected? You struggle to remember things and your brain feels foggy and a little sluggish to function. Studies have shown that individuals with moderate sleep deprivation can have similar impairments to a person under the influence of alcohol… scary stuff!

Lack of Sleep Can Impact Your Health

Are you in the habit of sacrificing sleep for a few extra hours to get stuff done? Do you feel that sleep, while nice, is ‘overrated’? Some times as a business owner, you have to sacrifice a little sleep in order to achieve your goals. However, according to an article published by Harvard University, ‘Sleep & Health’, insufficient sleep can increases a persons risk of developing serious health issues such as obesity. Sleep deprived individuals can experience higher levels of cortisol which is a stress related hormone. A side effect of too much of this hormone can result in weight gain or difficulty in losing weight.

Health Benefits of Sleep

Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and can benefit your heart, weight and mind. Some of the benefits of a good night’s sleep are;

  • Improved memory
  • Quality of life (lets face it, if you are always tired, you really don’t want to do anything)
  • Helps your body to fight colds and flu’s. If you are run down and exhausted, you tend to catch more colds and get ill more frequently than if you were charged up on sleep.
  • Help you in being more creative and strategic in business
  • Stay in control of your weight and give you energy to be active

The Power of a Power Nap

All of these health benefits of sleep are fantastic, but what if your lack of sleep is outside of your control? If you are a mum with little ones, you will know that there are many factors that may affect your children’s sleep, which inturn affect you.

A power nap may just be your saving grace. Power naps can alleviate your tiredness and improve your brain function. Not only do they lift our mood, but they can also be good for our general health. A short nap is usually recommended, 20 – 30mins will improve your short term alertness.

Be Kind to Yourself

As mums in business, we often hustle to get it all done, jam as much into our busy schedules as possible. If you are thrown a curve ball of sick kids or other family member then our precious hours of sleep can be severely impacted. At times like this, be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to stop, and enjoy your bubba cuddles. Sit and have a relaxing cup of tea, or take yourself out into the sunshine and just sit and be. Whatever it is, be kind to yourself!


successWritten by Tina Horwood of FIIT Mumma, a past fatty, mum of two and personal trainer, Tina’s passion for fitness and her own journey to a healthy fit lifestyle inspires Mummas across Australia to achieve their own ultimate body goal.

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