Strategies to increase movement into your work day

increase movement into your work dayIf you’d like to boost the amount of physical activity you fit into your standard work day, there are more time-efficient and fun ways to do so than to slog it out at the gym for an hour or two.

Let’s go through an example of one work day, and the small, incremental ways that could help you boost your activity and see you feeling more energised throughout your day.


As soon as you get up, do something to move your body. It could be a plank (you are half-asleep anyway so it won’t hurt as much – I challenge you!), 10 minutes of yoga, or chuck your runners on and go for a walk. Choose something to help you wake up and give you a moment to bring clarity into your day. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or take long.


You’re just about to put your work clothes on. But before you do, why not do a few stand up crunches? Okay, maybe that doesn’t sound appealing. But it will get your core firing for the day and get the muscles more used to being utilised! Or, you’re waiting for your coffee to brew or your toast to pop. Got a wall or bench handy? Stand on an angle leaning into the wall or bench and pump out 10 push ups. Maybe it doesn’t sound like much, but it WILL make a difference!


Is there a street that you could park in rather than driving right up to that regular spot you take; it might just give you a nice 5 minute breather to prepare yourself for the day and get your body moving? Or it could be getting off transport a stop before, and grabbing a coffee along the way!

Find it difficult to go to gym or do exercise after the work day? Exercising before work can have great benefits; clarity of mind, get the blood pumping, help you be more focus and concentrate better during the day… Once again, it doesn’t have to be particularly long or exhausting. It could be taking the long way to work through a park, or meeting with a friend to do your own exercise routine at the gym.


Stand up AT LEAST once an hour. Go up and grab a glass of water from the kitchen more regularly. You could also go over and speak to that colleague rather than emailing or calling them.

Get outside during your lunch break. This is a winner for getting your head clear and going into your afternoon fresh. Step away from the desk, my friend! It could be walking to the shops to grab a few things for dinner or walking around a couple of streets near your work with a podcast or music, or grab a colleague to come along with you!

I hope these strategies have inspired you to believe that you CAN afford to move more throughout your day. Perhaps one or two of the strategies stood out for you and you could implement into your day. Have fun with it!


increase movement into your work dayKate Mackay, Invigorate Wellness

Kate Mackay is a health & wellness coach at Invigorate Wellness with a passion for helping business women & entrepreneurs get energised and productive in their businesses & lives through building healthy lifestyle habits.

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