Summer Sanity Saver

Giveaway Monday – Review of an ebook for mums in business

All mums face daily challenges but there are specific challenges to being a Work at Home mum and School holidays are one of the biggest challenges we face. School Holidays mean that we suddenly have children in our work place, children that want to spend time with us, time that we would normally dedicate to running our business.


Prerna Malik’s Summer Sanity Savers for the Work at Home Mom is 35 pages of easy to follow, straight forward ideas for the Work at Home Mum to help her juggle the demands of her family, home and business.

Prerna provides a great set of resource lists from crafting with kids to meal planning and even a list of classic books and movies to enjoy with your kids.The printable planners make following Prerna’s tips quick and easy (and she includes instructions on downloading and printing them for those among us who aren’t exactly tech savvy).

As a large family mum I already have meal planning and household management pretty much under control and thankfully have plenty of “helpers” to keep the younger kids occupied and out of my hair. But as a fairly new business owner, I found her tips on running your business more effectively, fitting work in around the family and the suggested websites to help make this easier a wonderful resource.

A little more on Prerna Malik, The Mom Writes:

The summer should be a time for you to hang out with the kids while your business builds itself. Find out how in the Summer Sanity Savers for WAHMs by The Mom Writes.mumpreneur

Reviewed by Peta Groth, Great Googa Moogas:

Peta Groth is a Work at Home Mum and Blogger. She blogs about raising her large family and the loss of her stillborn son. She is passionate about helping others who have lost a child and started her business to help raise funds for babyloss charities in Australia.

The giveaway:

The Mom Writes is giving away three copies of her eBook, How to be a Work at Home Mom, valued at $9 each.

To win, leave a comment below on what is your best tip for being a work at home mum? Drawn Tue, Jan 15

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5 Responses to Summer Sanity Saver

  1. Catrina Murray says:

    Have proper breaks and start and finish times and stick to them!

  2. Julie says:

    My best tip would be spend some one on one time with each child every day. With business, prioritize and focus on the most important tasks like getting orders out and get the kids started on an activity before you sit down to work.

  3. For me, working from home is about time management and being efficient. I involve my two year old in the household chores. We make games of doing the washing, stacking the dishwasher, hanging up the laundry and cooking. This means that when my two take their naps I can devote this precious time to work! I run a website for mums so I need to jump on the computer when I can and be efficient.

  4. sara says:

    For me it important to have defined days and time for my work and make sure that the time I am with my kids I am not checking emails, ringing people up etc… I make sure people know when I work.

  5. Eileen Sims says:

    My top tip is to use a timer, my daughter (aged 6) understands when Mum says ”i’ll play with you in half an hour’ and when the buzzer goes, she holds me to it, it means she knows the time she has to fill alone is finite and she has stopped the endless tirade of ‘Muuuuum, can you play with me!!!” . I have to break the day up and accept it’s not realistic to be working at full capacity. I’ve also enjoyed having her set up a desk beside me and work on Mathletics or similar while I bang out a few emails. A promise of a picnic lunch on the back lawn is always a good carrot to dangle when you need some quiet too!

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