The many hats of Christmas – Christmas gift wrapping tips for your business

Guest blog written by Nicole Matthews, Giftivate

It seems that Santa is not the only one wearing a hat during the festive season.

Christmas gift wrapping ideasAs women, mums, business owners (…and the list goes on), at Christmas time we often find ourselves the ‘owner’ of the gift selection and wrapping process for those many others whom we connect with – family, friends, customers, childrens’ teachers, pets and perhaps even for our hairdresser, or for those significant others who make us feel special throughout the year. Some of us LOVE the whole festive gift giving, shopping and wrapping process, and for some it may be another one of those actions on our lengthy To Do lists that we may shy away from, or even outsource.

Either way, here are some gift wrapping tips I’d like to share with you to help make this Christmas a celebration – for you, your customers, and your business:

1. Simplicity

Akin to choosing the actual gifts, often the best place to start for gift wrapping is simple. At one end of the scale, ‘super simple’ may be purchasing gifts online and ticking the box at the checkout to say ‘yes, please wrap the gift/s for me and deliver to that address’. Done, sorted!

However, if you will be physically wrapping the gifts, then it’s ideal to start with a theme for the current festive season. It needn’t be based on the latest and greatest styling or colour trends; it just needs to be simple in that it reflects you/your business/your brand.

2. Appropriateness

Now recalling our many hats, spend time ensuring that the gift wrap you choose is appropriate to those who will be receiving your gifts. As you will have done in your gift selection process, consider the demographics of your customers and their interests. This does not mean different gifts/wrapping paper for each customer, but it may mean having a few options. And think about the gift and its wrappings as being an extension of your brand. You may not wrap a business gift in the same paper/theme/style as you may wrap your children’s gifts. Not everyone may appreciate a certain cartoon Pig adorning their present!

3. Quality

Keeping in mind your budget, I’d suggest that the quality of your gift, and the way that it is presented of paramount importance. This doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune, but instead taking the time to ensure that there is a “fit” with your brand. You may simply be giving chocolates, but ensure to consider the chocolate brand and it’s quality too. You may even buy the chocolates in bulk, but remember to package them in an interesting and thoughtful way for each customer. Similarly the gift packaging (paper/giftbags/ribbon) you use sends a message to the receiver. Low quality packaging and trimmings can dilute the whole experience for the receiver. Take the time to source and use good quality materials, and scrub up on your wrapping skills if necessary.

4. Personalisation

As a business owner, when you delight your customers with their Christmas gift, you could also take the opportunity to tailor the wrapping paper. You may do this by tapping into the personality of your brand and perhaps selecting gift packaging in the colour/s related to your brand or, alternately, you could create customised gift wrapping paper for your customers. You may like to have your logo, an image related to your business, or even a photo of yourself as your choice of wrapping paper for Christmas this year. Children need not be the only ones having fun creating their own personalised Christmas wrap this Christmas. As mums and business owners, we can do this too!

So, I hope I’ve helped by suggesting some areas to consider as you prepare, or continue your planning, for Christmas 2014. Happy hat-wearing, happy shopping , happy wrapping, and enjoy the celebration of Christmas. Click here to take a look at some gift wrapping ideas.

Christmas gift wrapping ideasNicole Matthews is the founder of Giftivate, an online website specialising in the production of personalised gift wrap. Giftivate offers a FRESH, FUN & EASY way to turn images into premium personalised gift wrap suitable for Businesses, Individuals or Fundraising. Christmas planning workshops also available in some locations. 

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