The Tech Saving Time For Busy Mums

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Juggling a family and a career is no easy feat. From meetings and deadlines to getting the kids fed, dressed and out the door, a working mum rarely has time up her sleeve.

How would you like to savour some spare minutes – or even hours – to do the things you enjoy? Nimble Australia has discovered many ways technology can save busy mums time on their everyday jobs, giving them precious time to finally read that book or watch that movie.

Have a look at the helpful apps (featured in Nimble’s recent article) that have been helping mums stay on top of their tasks so they can get more out of their day.

Save time on groceries

Nimble’s survey revealed that mums who did their shopping online spent 20% less time doing their groceries than those who opted to buy in store.

Handy App: Our Groceries Shopping List – iOS, Android


With this app, you can create several shopping lists and share them on multiple devices, keeping the entire family in the loop. Add pictures of your regular favourites and discover heaps of recipes and cooking inspiration.


Other apps to check out:

  1. GrocerEaze – iOS
  2. Woolworths – iOS, Android
  3. Coles – iOS, Android
  4. Aldi – iOS, Android

Save time in the kitchen

If you love sharing home-cooked meals with your family, but hate the time it takes to prepare them, this section is for you.

Handy app: Foodora – iOS, Android


Enjoy your family’s favourite meals without lifting a finger in the kitchen. Foodora allows you to order restaurant dishes to be delivered to your home. Say goodbye to chopping ingredients and hello to more quality time with your kids before bedtime thanks to this must-download app.


Other apps to check out:

  1. HelloFresh – iOS, Android

Save time around the house

Through their research, Nimble discovered that people who use apps for outsourcing housework spend 98.5% less time on chores. Sounds pretty obvious, right? But did you know that even outsourcing just one or two jobs could create a decent chunk of free time for yourself each week?

Just choose your most dreaded chore (no one likes clearing the gutters) and hire a professional to do it. This gets your hands out of the gutters and gives you time for that manicure.

Handy app: AirTasker – iOS, Android

3 AirTasker puts a community of handy freelancers at your fingertips. It allows you to outsource pretty much any household task you’d like to palm off, and the services are covered by insurance. Before choosing someone for the task, you can check out reviews and compare rates.


Other apps to check out:

  1. TradeEzi – iOS, Android

Save time on your budget

Between dropping the kids at school, getting to work on time and returning home to the family, who has time to stand in line at the bank? These handy apps let you give the bank a miss – so you don’t have to give up your weekend to organise your finances.

Handy app: You Need A Budget – iOS, Android


You Need A Budget helps get your finances on track without eating up your time. This app tracks all your spending, keeping you on top of your budget. You’ll be required to pay a yearly fee once the free trial period is up, but the time you get back makes it worthwhile.


Other apps to check out:

  1. Pocketbook – iOS, Android
  2. Nimble (the easiest way to get a fast loan) 

Save time on social media

Who of us isn’t guilty of scrolling through our newsfeeds instead of making the most of our free time? Beat the Facebook addiction and take back those minutes – or hours – of scrolling time.

Handy app: BreakFree – iOS, Android


BreakFree keeps an eye on your phone usage and holds you accountable when you use social media for too long or too often. You might be surprised by how much of your day is spent online, and all of the things you could be doing with that time instead.


Other apps to check out:

  1. Forest – iOS, Android
  2. OFFTIME – iOS, Android

Between work and family, a working mum’s jobs are never done. With these handy apps on your side, you’ll finally get to do more of the things you love.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Awesome list, thank for the tips! I’m not a mom but I’m a teacher and most of my students’ mamas are always running around like a headless chicken, so I’ll be sure to share this article with them!

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