Tips for managing stress as a business owner

managing stress as a business ownerIn the early days of starting my business, it was quite a solitary endeavour. In the comfort of my own home on the computer, I set about creating a business that would help women feel good and live their best life through healthy living and good food.

Gradually, I realised how isolating having your own business can be, despite seemingly interacting with others on a regular basis through my business online and in person.

For those who work from home, things can get not only isolating but also very stressful, as you depend on yourself to reach all those goals and dreams, and all usually within a short period of time!

It can be stressful starting a business, pouring money, time and effort into something that you believe in. Sometimes we might think that because we love what we do, that we shouldn’t have stressful, anxiety-producing moments. In reality, having your own business can mean lots of high highs and low lows.

So, to hopefully make things a little easier for you, I’ve got a checklist of five of my essential items to manage stress as a business owner.

1. Join a Facebook group

You are not alone on this crazy journey. There are people out there just like you, looking to make a change in the world and connect with others on the same path. There are a huge number of Facebook groups these days for all walks of life.

Connect with people over marketing, entrepreneurship, networking, writing, photography, you name it. There are a huge number of Facebook groups out there for businesswomen like yourself. You can also look at groups based on other common interests that could be filled with people who might like what your business offers too. Give a few groups a go to see which ones work well for you.

2. Be easy on yourself

It’s easier to be hard on yourself, push yourself and end up crashing and burning in the end. What can take more discipline is setting boundaries and creating balance in your life. You have permission to relax and rest, on a daily basis.

Being a business owner unfortunately does not make you superhuman. Without balance, we can find ourselves with lowered immunity levels from not taking care of ourselves as well as we should. This means we are at higher risk of catching those coughs and sniffles going around and ending up spending less time on our work from running ourselves into the ground. Be kind to yourself; will pay off in the end.

3. Do the things that you love to do outside of work on a regular basis

Before you began your business, what things did you like to do? Are you still doing them or did they come to a halt a while ago? Maybe you used to love escaping to the gym, going on long walks with a loved one, learning a new skill or just chilling out with a DVD and a wine every now and then. It might be time to revisit some past hobbies so you have an outlet for stress as well as a place to be creative and give your brain something new to focus on.

4. Take care of yourself with adequate sleep, nutrition and movement

If you can, get at least 6 hours sleep a night. Eat breakfast. Move your body daily, even if it’s just making more of an effort to get up regularly from your desk. Make yourself get up to get a glass of water throughout your day. Stand up when you take a call. Book in catch ups with friends; treat them like business appointments and make it happen!

5. Have a business buddy

Something I’ve seen work so well for business owners is having other business owner buddies. In particular, having one particular person you know can relate to the struggles and the joys of business life. Someone to text, call or catch up with for a good old whinge, but also to draw inspiration from and bounce ideas off! If you can’t think of someone, it might be time to get into networking online and / or in person to meet like-minded people who can do the journey with you.


managing stress as a business owner


Kate Mackay is a health & wellness coach at Invigorate Wellness with a passion for helping business women & entrepreneurs get energised and productive in their businesses & lives through building healthy lifestyle habits.

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