Virtual Elves: What’s in the name?

Kristy Smith - Virtual ElvesGuest blog by Kristy Smith – Virtual Elves

It’s a funny thing trying to work out a name for your business that you hope will be memorable and make an impression…

Back in September 2009, I spent four to five months trying to figure out how to make an exit from the corporate world. My daughter was starting school for the first time the following February, and I wanted to be there for her.

After many months of research and trying to think of home-based niches, I found out there weren’t many virtual assistants in Sydney. Now here was something that I could use my skills in project management, planning and office and business management to good use!

As a self-professed “action woman” the idea became a reality spontaneously and with complete disregard to my husband’s concerns I started to plan for my transition into working from home.

A month later, in December, I realised I needed more than just my own name to promote my services. I rang a friend who worked in the advertising industry and asked her for help and suggestions on creating a memorable brand name.

My idea was to portray an image of someone behind the scenes who’d take charge of doing all the things people didn’t like doing. I had found a great image of a woman with many hands juggling administrative tasks that I thought would fit perfectly.

My friend and I weren’t able to come up with anything during that initial conversation, but that very same night, she sent me an email saying, “I’ve got it! What about Virtual Elves?”

Well, I liked the sound of it, and it kind of stuck! It’s a bit quirky and it sounds fun. In Australia, I figured that an elf is seen as Santa’s little helper, and I thought Virtual Elves, as a helper for business people fitted the service offerings very well!

Branding wise, it’s been great! It is a great talking point and I find that people remember me as “the elf that helps”, which is just fabulous!

As Virtual Elves, after 18 months in operation, moves into the next phase of growth, I have re-branded slightly to be able to appeal to more mid-level corporate businesses and brought the focus into a more corporate and not so quirky logo; but one thing remains the same and the name stays!

Virtual Elves, from a fun and quirky sole trading startup, has morphed into something much bigger than just an online provider of virtual administrative work. Now maintaining over 12 regular clients, completing more than 150 hours of work per week, and engaging more than 5 specialist contractors, we look after so much more!

Virtual Elves Logo

Virtual Elves offers Administrative and Outsourcing solutions such as Print Design, E-marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Design & Management & General Administration.

Are you in the process of choosing the right business name? Click the link for an article with fab tips on how.

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