Great outfits for networking events

This post is brought to you by Mieke Krijgsman, Personal Stylist from Smart Styling

What can I wear to a networking event? This is a question I hear a lot from women I meet. Others are – Does it have to be formal? Can I wear jeans?

You are representing yourself and your business and it can be quite tricky to decide what to wear to these informal, yet important, meetings.

Your image says a lot about you and your outfit helps you represent who you are and what your values are. Remember, you are your brand.

When we network we don’t necessarily have to wear a business suit, we can keep it more casual, but it is important to look polished and well dressed. After all you want to be taken seriously so your business can grow!

In this blog I’ll show you some options with current pieces from different price ranges and brands. You can mix and match them the anyway you like to make sure you look and feel stylish. Enjoy!

networking style


networking style


1. H&M jersey top $14.95 2. H&M slacks $39.95 3. Country road top $69.95 4. Target cardigan $ 49 5. Target t-shirt $ 15 6. Country road skirt $ 69.95 7. H&M fine knit cardigan $ 29.95 8. Country road blouse $ 129 9. Marcs silk top $ 169 10. French Connection camisole $ 19.95 11. H&M ankle boots $ 39.95 12. Diana Ferrari loafers $ 129 13. Diana Ferrari wedge $ 139.95

These outfits will take you from school drop off to your meeting, back to school pick up, and everything in-between – be it catching up for a coffee, going to the shops or meetings with clients.

Don’t forget to finish off with accessories like scarves, jewellery and bags and you are ready for your business networking event. Oh, and don’t forget a bit of lippy!

personal stylistMieke Krijgsman, Personal Stylist

Mieke Krijgsman is a Personal Stylist, her business Smart Styling provides styling tips for Mum-preneurs! “I love helping women find their own unique style. I’m a firm believer that dressing and shopping should be fun.”

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