What is Pinterest and why should you care?

Guest post by Sam McFarlane, Sam Says

I recently had the pleasure of hearing the very tech savvy Wendy Chamberlain (nee Moore) recently at a workshop on Pinterest.

Pinterest is essentially an online scrapbook, or pinboard, but it doesn’t have the “social” aspect of Facebook.

Pinterest TipsSome interesting facts about Pinterest:

  • Pinterest has the record for the fastest site to ever reach 10 million users;
  • Over 1 million users join every month;
  • The average time spent by someone that uses the site is 1 hour and 17 minutes; and
  • 80% of users are women – so if you are selling products or services to women, you should be on Pinterest!

So what do you need to do to make sure you can get on board this evolving social media train? Wendy took us through the key steps to simplify Pinterst for us.

1. Reserve your space

Make sure you set up a Pinterest username so that your Pinterest account is created and reserved for you or your business, Alli uses: www.pinterest.com/MotivatingMum

Pinterest Tips

2. Themes, not product promotion

Remember that your Pinterest boards should be created around the subject of interest, think themes not product promotion.

3. Include prices

By including prices of your products or services, it helps identify to consumers that the items are for sale. Referrals spend 70% more money than visitors referred from non-social channels, which comes back to the know, like, trust factor. Consumers like to know, like and trust a seller / supplier prior to purchasing. Designer Showcase does a great job on their Pinterest board where the price appears at the top right of every product.

Pinterest Tips4. Use hashtags

Pinterest supports hashtags similar to Twitter and Google+. Hashtags enable you can find out more about something. For example, use the hashtags “#google+” and “#social media” to increase the likelihood of your blog being picked up by Google’s search engine. Designer Showcase includes at least one hashtag with each product.

5. Pin it button

Add the “Pin it” button to your e-commerce site, right next to your Facebook like button so consumers on your site can pin items to their personal Pinterest boards.

6. Engage with the community

Like all other social networks you need to listen and engage, not simply broadcast your message.

I’m going off now to secure my Pinterest page! How do you stay on top of your social media?


Sam McFarlane!


Sam Says

Sam McFarlane is the owner of Sam Says, a Virtual Assistant service that provides affordable administration services for small business and the work at home mum industry. Sam Says can help with virtual secretary work, event coordination and social media marketing services.

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