Where have my Facebook Page Posts gone?

Guest post written by Judi Gray, Blue Bird Internet Marketing and Social Media

Have you noticed recently that your recent Facebook business page posts aren’t showing up on your page timeline?

Facebook business page posts

Are you finding that when you have taken the time to either create a live post on your Facebook business page with an image, or schedule one; once it has gone live, it isn’t anywhere to be seen on your timeline? This is a frustrating problem and a current problem for many Facebook business pages owners, however it is intermittent.

Is my post still visible in my follower’s news feed?

The post that you have taken a lot of time to plan, schedule and post is still definitely publishing and showing up in your follower’s news feeds. You will see it listed in your page’s admin panel of post’s (located at the top left of your business page) and as an image in your timeline photo album, but not on your actual timeline, even when clicking on the option to show all “posts by page”. This is especially frustrating for employees posting on behalf of a business as the business owner can visit the Facebook page to check up on their work and think that the post hasn’t actually been created – when in fact it has, it’s just hiding!

How can I get my posts to show on my Facebook Page Timeline?

The way to get your current post that has been “hiding from your timeline” visible on your Facebook Page is as follows:

1. Go to your photos album and find the photo attached to the particular post – open the photo.

2. Under the photo description click on Edit. Under your description the date of your post will now display.

3. Add in a time for your post – e.g. 8.30am. (Be careful not to delete the text about the image while editing the time!)

4. Then Click on “Done Editing”.

Your image should now be displayed on your Facebook business page timeline.


If you have any trouble – send me an email at info@bluebirdinternetmarketing.com with the link to your page and the particular post.

Facebook business page posts


Judi Gray at Blue Bird Internet Marketing and Social Media, specialises in on-line marketing advice for Small to Medium sized businesses and is dedicated to providing professional services to enhance business profiles, increase customer demographic and achieve results. 
Blue Bird Internet Marketing and Social Media can assist businesses with advice, profile updates and online management of their professional profiles to ensure your business is represented in a professional and informative manner. We offer advice on all fields of affordable online marketing along with social media page management services. 

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