Who is my target market?

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The term “target market” is thrown around a lot, but working out who YOUR target market is, can often feel elusive or overwhelming.

target marketHere are a few ideas to help:

1. Whose problem does your business BEST solve?

Your business offers a specific answer to someone’s real life problem – it might be anything from clothing their kids to doing their BAS. Although there may be many different solutions in the marketplace, YOUR target market will not only benefit from what your product/service provides, but will also identify with your personality, philosophy, brand image, location etc.

2. Who do you most like working with?

It’s my belief that life is too short to work with people we don’t like, don’t trust or don’t relate to. As small business owners we are lucky… we can ignore the masses and be a little more picky! Choose a target market you would like to build your brand community around (and yes, online communities count)!

3. How many clients/customers do you want?

Many of us are not aiming to grow into massive enterprises, so there is little point choosing a target market that covers “everyone”. Focus on a “niche”, based on where your talents/solutions meet your target market’s problems. Don’t make your niche TOO small though, or you will be constantly struggling for business.

Marketing is simply about connecting with your “ideal customers” – a target market is just a bigger group of them!

target market


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2 Responses to Who is my target market?

  1. Hi Cath,

    Great list! Can I add one thing?

    To help you get clear on your target market write out a list of exactly who they are… Include gender, age, employment/relationship status etc This way your get into the customers shoes and know exactly who you’re reaching out to.


    • Cath says:

      I totally agree Naomi! In fact, I include an Ideal Customer Profile page in my DIY Mini-Marketing Plan. It’s soooo much easier to communicate with your target market if you have this this person in mind when you prepare your marketing content.

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