Who should you be thanking?

Written by Alli Price

I was listening to a journalist speak recently and she made a very pertinent point. If a journo uses your media release, you should thank them.

wahm, mumpreneur

It might seem obvious but I had never done it when my media releases had been used. I’m not rude, it had just never occurred to me as I guess I felt it was just part of their job. Or that I was helping them out by providing them with content for their magazine/newspaper that they hadn’t had to search for.

But the more she spoke, the more it made sense. And it made me wonder – how many people do we fail to thank as it’s just their job? Or we’re really busy? Or we thank the people that do those big, life or work changing things for us but what about those people that just support us every day, listen to us, put up with us?

That’s why I was so glad when Ferrero contacted me with an idea – why not give away an Easter gift hamper to someone you want to thank? What a great idea! Finally a competition that isn’t about winning stuff for yourself but winning it for the person that really deserves it. The person you should thank.

wahm, mumpreneur

So, to win this Ferrero gift hamper (pictured above) for that special person go to the Ferrero Gift Hamper and check out the hampers, then leave a comment on the blog below letting me know:

  1. Which hamper you would choose from the page if money was no object.
  2. Who you would gift it to and why.

The winner will be drawn Friday, April 6 and Ferrero will then send the hamper pictured to your ‘thankee’.

Cheers (and thank you for reading), Alli x

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35 Responses to Who should you be thanking?

  1. David Thomas says:

    Grande to my wife – she’s the sweetest spouse and mother to our kids!

  2. Mary Preston says:

    My sister deserves some lovin’. She lives near our parents & looks after them. I know she would certainly appreciate the Grande Impressione, just as I appreciate all she does.

  3. Melinda says:

    Easter Italian celebration. My Italian husband has just decovered Ferrero. He thinks they are new. Every year we get them for birthdays and Christmas. Every year I secretly hand them to my brother, as he loves them! Not now…..my hubby would kill me if I gave away his chocolate balls!

  4. Rebekah says:

    What a great idea! Its always good to know about mail-order gift options other than flowers! :) Thanks for sharing! I was just thinking that there is a couple whose children are grown who are always SO encouraging as I raise my two littles. I just want to send them a thank you note to tell them what it means to me that they always have something positive to say about me/our family/parenting and never act judgey or over opinionated. It is so empowering! I would love to send them some chocolate to go with it and if I was choosing any one, it would be the grande box. The card is just too cute! :)

  5. Michelle Vamvas says:

    I’d give the Grande Impressione giftbox to my wonderful father.
    Up until 6 months ago, I was too afraid to drive, so my beautiful 70-year-old dad would take my daughter to school every day in rail, hail or shine. He would also take me to buy my groceries, and to hospital appointments when I was pregnant; waiting with me for hours! He never once complained or accepted money for petrol, even though he is a pensioner. He helped me overcome my fear of driving, and was so proud when I finally got my license. He has always had faith in me, and is the true meaning of the word gentleman. I don’t tell him I love him often, but this would definately show him that he is always in my heart.

  6. Emma Sparnon says:

    I would send my partner the grand impressions because he is always there, through being teen parents, to moving, to supporting me through everything.

  7. Raelene Graham says:

    The grande impressione for my husband,he loves ferreros (don’t we all!) and as he has always given my his best Id love to spoil him for once!

  8. Trish says:

    My new friend also a mum (single mum) of 5 yr twin boys – she has taken me under her wing as a new comer to a new country town – I knew no-one. She also asked her Dad (72) to mind all FOUR five year old boys so I could go the kinder mums dinner. Love to send her Grande Impressions – she can share it with her 72 yr old SUPER POPPY !

  9. I would love to give the Grande to my sister, because she always listens to me, and she is the only person who truly understands what I am going through. Now we live in different cities I miss her more than ever, even though we talk on the phone at least every second day.
    She really is the best sister ever, and she deserves some thanks!

  10. Narelle Rock says:

    I would have to buy the BKH Centrepiece and just pop it in the middle of the table for easter breakfast, to share with all my family

  11. Pippa C says:

    The Easter Delights Exclusive Golden Easter Experience. Most appropriate for my Mum in law, who will be celebrating their Golden Anniversary soon after Easter, and for all the help she’s been to me, since my Mum is half way round the world. Couldn’t have done without her!

  12. cyndie says:

    I’d chose the Grande Impression because more people would be able to enjoy the delicious chocolates. I’d give it to my boss to share within our team at work!

  13. Michelle rivett says:

    I’d love to gift the Grande to my dad. He invited myself (while pregnant), my husband and our 4 year old son to live with him while we build our new house. That was over 12 mths ago now, and while we are still waiting for the house to be finished he’s also welcomed our baby girl (and all the extras that come with having a baby) into his home! Love ya dad, words are not enough to say thanks (but he sure loves chocolate!)

  14. gemmie says:

    Definitely the BKH centrepiece! What an awesome amazing gift. I would send a thank you to my mum , who raised me on her own, and could use a pick-me up :)

  15. Merryl says:

    I would gift the Grande Impressione hamper to my hubby because he made a Grande Impressione on me when we first met. He is also the person who keeps me sane, tells me I’m beautiful and showers me with unconditional love (even when I’m PMS crazy).

  16. Tony Avery says:

    I would choose the Grande Impressione – it sounds delicious and you can never have to much Ferrero Rocher. I would gift it to my partner – she is the only person that I have ever really wanted to impress.

  17. Suzi says:

    My mum and dad have been a huge support, particularly over the last 6 mths. My daughter has been quite ill and they have stepped in to help keep the house running, my son happy and occupied and me and husband from feeling like we are totally loosing the battle against housework. I think the BKH Centrepiece would be sufficient :)

  18. Cate Russell says:

    The grande- how impressive! I would send a hamper to my Mum and Dad (I know it’s two people but can’t seperate!). As my husband works away a month at a time they really help me with my baby boy. A day does not go past where they don’t drop in, phone, cook dinner…. They really have helped me to enjoy motherhood!

    • Alli says:

      Cate Russell » It’s very hard feeling like a single mum when you’re not! Thoughts are with you Cate when you’re having to do it all on your own x

  19. Melissa K says:

    Most definately the BKH Centrepiece for my family to sit at the centre of the dining table on Easter day for all to share!
    (I don’t think they will last too long though!)

  20. Charlotte Lowther says:

    I’d send the Grande Impressione Ferrero gift hamper to my Mum. She is always putting herself last, helps everyone all the time and is going through some tough challenges herself. A little bit of chocolate can brighten anyone’s day :)

  21. Melissa Okimoto says:

    The amazing BKH CENTREPIECE, so gorgeous. I would gift to my amazing husband for all the hard work he does and how supportive he is to me and our little baby girl. He has helped me through many tough steps.

  22. I would send the BNK Centrepiece to my mum for Easter –
    For the first time in over 8 years she has all her daughters at home in Perth at the same time, plus her son in laws AND 4 grandchildren with one on the way in a few weeks. The centrepiece will just make her Easter Table perfect, bringing our whole family together.

  23. Ebonie says:

    What a simple thought alli, I also have never really considered the other side of the Pr print coin.
    I would gift the grande impressione to a friend of mine Michelle, she heard me rant and rave about all sort of things of late and she listened and gave awesome advice, I really appreciate her just being there.
    Thanks and happy Easter. :)

  24. Jess says:

    I would like to thank my gorgeous daughter Imogen, she has shared so much with me this last year and invited me to support her through the birth of our grandson, and even let me cut the cord. Since then, she has shared with me every step of his life with constant phone calls, visits and photos, I am one lucky mum and grandma. <3

  25. Anne says:

    I’d give the hamper to my sister. She constantly gives gives gives to everyone, even at her own expense. It would be awesome to give her some indulgent treat.

  26. Amy says:

    I’d love to send my bosses The Grande Impressione, both women have been struggling with sickness and health issues of different kinds, since the start of the year and I’d love to show them how much I value both of them as bosses and friends. <3 oxox

    • Alli says:

      Amy » Amy! not many people can say they like their bosses enough to send them a gift! Lucky you – and good luck with the draw x

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