Why I changed my Business Name

brandingI recently rebranded my business. I still get a thrill out of telling people my new business name and all about what we do; I suspect this feeling will linger for a long time, as I’m confident in the choices I’ve made.

So how did I know it was time to change? Well, to be honest my original name wasn’t a well thought out business name. I was “Interior Decorating by Sophie”, a name selected in a flurry of excitement when I was encouraged to jump in and start my own consultancy to source and supply interior finishes and furnishings for a relatives’ renovation. After finding an available name, I registered an ABN, wrote a one page plan and I was in business.

After having the name for a few years, I learned a few things through networking groups, mentoring sessions, workshops and short courses. The name I had selected had poor SEO (search engine optimisation), my name was in it (which is a mouthful when you make a phone call, let me tell you!), people could never remember the exact name and it wasn’t going to take me to where I want to be in the future; it was simply, well, OK.

I now have a clear vision on exactly what work I want to be doing and the determination to be successful at it. I have a set of goals and know who the clients are that I want to attract, what vocabulary people use to find my service (opposed to technical jargon). I know that my business is growing from ”I” to “we” and I have an exit strategy for the distant future. I now see the value in using other services (I really had to get my head around this, I mean I’m a designer, surely I can design my own business cards using an online program… and I’m smart, I can create my own website using a free template, and I did well in English at school, I can write copy…). What I’ve realised is that I am the key and outsourcing to people that are great at what they do, supplying them with an awesome brief is far more valuable than me “figuring it out” and fumbling by myself.

brandingNow you will find me in the role I’m best at, that I most enjoy and am passionate about. So please let me introduce myself, I’m Sophie Kost, Director and Lead Designer at “My Beautiful Abode”, an interior design and styling consultancy focused on helping people to make their homes beautiful, inviting spaces.

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One Response to Why I changed my Business Name

  1. Tracy says:

    I love your new name. It’s a perfect fit for your business.


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