Why Networking is Important for Mumpreneurs

Why Networking is Important for Mumpreneurs  As a mumpreneur, you’ve probably attended various networking events before you started your own biz which may or may not bring back great memories. I myself used to cringe at the thought of networking when I was working in my corporate career. It just seemed like no one was interested in talking to you unless you were the head of the company, and often felt like a bit of a waste of time. Fast forward to when I started my own biz back in 2012, and I knew that networking would be the number one way to meet my target audience and discuss the challenges of being a mumpreneur. Working from home on your own can get lonely, and discussing ideas with other like-minded business owners is crucial to success. I still attribute networking to a large proportion of the clients (and suppliers) I have worked with and currently work with.

I had a really busy year last year and didn’t get out to as many networking events as I would have liked to, and it took me a while to realise that this was probably the main reason I had a slow start to the year. But networking isn’t all about sales. It’s also about meeting other like-minded business owners who can support you in what can sometimes be a lonely journey.

If you’re new to networking I would recommend to start off small. Look for a small networking group like a Businessmums Club run by Motivating Mum. These groups have about ten other mumpreneurs in them. That’s where I started and it was a much easier way to really refine my pitch and service offering in a small environment with other supportive mum’s in business. It can be a lot less daunting than attending a networking event with hundreds of people. If you are not near a Motivating Mum Businessmums Club, then check out your local council as they usually host networking events for business owners. And don’t underestimate the importance of online networking. There are so many groups you can be a part of on Facebook that can also offer support.

And just remember, everyone else that you meet at a networking event is probably as nervous as you. But if you go along with the aim of meeting new people, and you just ask questions of other business owners, you will soon get into the swing of things and realise that networking isn’t as scary as you once thought. It’s all about making connections with other mumpreneurs and learning from them too.

What do you think? Is networking an important part of your business?


Why Networking is Important for Mumpreneurs  Sam McFarlane, Sam Says

I’m Sam, and my business is Sam Says. My goal is to help mumpreneurs grow their businesses by taking everyday responsibilities from their busy schedule.

Being a mum of two and a business owner myself, I understand how challenging it can be to balance work and family life. That’s why I am so passionate about my work and I firmly believe that with a little help, businesses can achieve success.

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