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Giveaway Monday – Review of a service for mums in business

When I was selected to review MamaStylista’s Styling Session, I was filled with a mix of excitement – child free shopping in the city with someone who could revolutionise my look; and dread – shopping in the city with someone who looks fabulous all the time, without children in tow to declare why my look is a bit shabbier than it used to be.

personal styling sessionSo the time and place were set, 10.30am outside of Zara… more excitement to finally get to go to Zara – and child free at that. Meeting the delightful Deauvanne put me at ease straight away, and on her suggestion we start with a coffee and chat, I was well on my way to being totally in love with her.

Over coffee I rambled about where my style had once been working for luxury brands in the city, and where it was now, two kids later and a home based business. The whole time she made me feel supported, confident and peppered in just enough compliments to make me ready to hit the change rooms together.

Straight into Zara and the tips and hints just poured out of her, this is your colour, those shoes would be great for you, this is the cut of pants you should wear. I was a sponge. I especially loved her disdain when the assistant suggested a larger pants size than I wear. I knew then she was on my side. She even managed some sneaky measurements when I was distracted in the change room.

Our real magic hit when we went into Cue, a store I’d long put off my list due to pushy sales people and suiting I didn’t need. We were on fire in here; I must have tried on 20 pieces in about 30 minutes, the sales girl’s eyes were lighting up. I walked out with an amazing dress and the best fitting pants I’ve had in a long time. A true testament to Deauvanne’s style is the sales assistant even thought we were besties out on a shopping trip.

Would I recommend her? Absolutely! If you’ve been on Mat Leave and are heading back into the work force this would be the perfect confidence boost to feel back up to date or if you’re getting your post baby body confidence back and what a new look, Mamastylista has the perfect mix of support and risk tasking.


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Reviewed by Mary-Anne Amies

Mary-Anne Aimes is a Mum of 2 and runs her own business.


The giveaway:

A personal styling/shopping session in the Sydney CBD, worth $200. For your chance to win, simply leave a comment below on why you need to win this prize by this Friday 7 March 2014.

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4 Responses to Win a personal styling/shopping session

  1. Jessie says:

    I need a stylist! For the last 4 years (2kids later) I’ve either been in maternity wear, shorts/leggings and tshirts/oversized jumpers, or if it’s a special occasion a dress that is at least 4 years old! Because I feel time limited when I’m shopping for clothes I just go into stores I know and buy the same kind if cut of clothes that I know I’m comfortable in. I would love someone to open me up to what would suit my body shape, as I know it’s changed!!

  2. Sarah Binley says:

    I deserve to win as I am turning 40 and when I catch a glance of myself in a mirror or window I realise I look more like a backpacker than a working mum of 2!

  3. Sophie Ellis says:

    Oh my, Deauvanne sounds amazing. I definitely need some help. I’ve managed to graduate from flip flops to actual grownuphair sandals but that’s as far as I’ve gone. Shopping strikes fear into my heart. No longer the size or shape I was before I had kids, I’m easy prey for ruthless sales assistants and just have no idea anymore.

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