You don’t ask you don’t get

Written by Alli Price

I received an email recently from a lovely mum called Nektaria from Spoil Ur Bubba asking me if I could help her. She needed some help with selling on her FB page however, she didn’t have any money. Would I accept some products from her page instead?

mumpreneur, wahm

She needn’t have offered the products, I was so happy she’d just asked for what she needed that I was in! Why? Because there are so many mums out there thinking:

  • I have to do it on my own,
  • I’ve only just started in business and don’t feel confident asking,
  • I’m too embarrassed to ask, or
  • I don’t have the right to ask for help as I have little to nothing to offer in return.
Have you ever thought any or all of these things? They’re quite ironic really, seeing as usually in the beginning it’s when you need the most help.
So, not only did I help Nektaria, but after a shout out for help for me (as selling on FB is not my field), the delightful Lauren of Boondie Baby donated some of her time to write an article for Nektaria (and my site) on her Top Tips for selling on FB and the gorgeous Li-Ann of ham& pea has agreed to help Nektaria to re-design her logo gratis.
All because she asked.
And you can too. Because we’ve all been there – we understand – and if we can, we’re ready to help, just like Lauren and Li-Ann did.
And the best part? Finding out after the fact that Nektaria couldn’t afford to pay because she’s using the money for fertility treatments!
Cheers, Alli x
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12 Responses to You don’t ask you don’t get

  1. Ree says:

    So totally true Alli.
    I often give out advice to people for free just because they ask! I don’t have time to take on a thousand clients, and not everyone is a good fit for me to work with, but I especially love helping out other mums because I’m also believe that the kindness you put forth will always be returned to you!

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  3. What an inspiring story. Great words of advice. I struggle a little with asking, so really need to do it more often. Funnily, people feel comfortable asking me for advice and help (and I’m always more than willing to help by the way!), yet I can’t seem to do it myself!

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  5. Kelly says:

    Best of luck with your fertility treatments Nektaria!

  6. Nektaria says:

    Hey All it is Important to ask, As the worse thing that can happen is somebody saying no but better to ask and get a no then not ask at all. But Most of the time People do say yes.

    But I also believe you get what you put out. If you help others, others will help you.

    Thanks for Everything Alli. You have been Amazing. xx

  7. Oh my god that is amazing and congratulations for being there for another mum. Being a mum that has started her business from nothing I more than understand how lack of finances can hold you back and you are right it can hold you back for not even asking because it can be embarrassing. Hope that makes sense. x

    • Alli says:

      danielle Gleeson » It’s all about getting the word out there and letting mums know they don’t need to feel bad or like they can’t ask anyone for help – and then in a year or so they’ll probably be helping someone else! x

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