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Name: Laila Fernandez
Location: Ivanhoe East, Melbourne
Business: Laila & Spot

At Laila & Spot we design clothes for new mums. We combine style, fit and functionality to meet the unique challenges and demands of new motherhood. The world is overrun with maternity brands. We think its time for a mum designed label exclusively for new mums.


Career bio

I started my career in the IT field, but found the things I loved doing the most was getting out there, understanding business problems and find a solution for this. I moved into Project Management and loved the challenges of working on different projects, pulling in information and resources from various areas to deliver a successful outcome. I gained experience working on both small projects with small budget, right up being part of larger organizations such as Sensis and Telstra, managing budgets of over $5 million.

When I had my first baby, I discovered the needs of New Mums are very different to those of pre-pregnancy and pregnancy. New Mums need simple solutions for their wardrobe that are functional and versatile but still make them look and feel great. Not able to find suitable clothing, I hit the design board and created a new label, designed just for new mums.

I launched my business relatively small and following its quick uptake, I have recently taken on a business partner who is hands on in the business. He contributes not only his skillset but also his business experience and guidance to me as a business owner. This has allowed us to grow and scale the business to a whole new level which I’m really excited about.

About me

I grew up in India, studied in New Zealand and spent most of my working life in Australia. I’ve always had a drive and passion to go after my dreams and enjoy sharing that with others to help them get to theirs too. I have a little boy who reminds me how to enjoy the simple things in life. Motherhood opened up a whole new world for me - its empowering and makes you realise just how much you are capable of!


2 sessions a week. Unavailable on Friday's.

30min Mentoring Session with Laila Fernandez
$ 34.00