Relatively new to blogging Motivated Mum, Maggy of Red Ted Art, started out small and now boasts an ever-increasing readership and presence on the internet.  These are her tips on ways to attract readers to your blog, increase your stats and get yourself noticed on the internet.

There are two approaches to this article. One is the story (rather a long essay) and the other is keeping it short and sweet. Here is short and sweet.

Here is a screen shot of my stats:

What happened in Jan/ Feb 2010 and again March & April? Then in May? What will June  look like?

Content The key thing I have changed is content. I “finally” have something to “offer” my readers. Before my blog was about Red Ted Art, the business. Now it is Red Ted Art, the book & craft resource for parents.  Now, my readers get book reviews, craft ideas for children under 12 years, as well as “How To” tutorials for parents. It is a lot more work. A much bigger commitment, but much more fun!

Social Networking The other key thing I have done is network. And I mean network like CRAZY. Social media is amazing. My main source of new visitors are:

•    Twitter
•    Other bloggers
•    Guest Post

Twitter is a phenomenon of its own and I could write a whole guest blog of how I have used it and what to do and not do…but the essence is: be yourself, have something to offer and “find friends/ people you have something in common with”.

Please do join me on twitter:

Other bloggers The blogging world is another phenomenon. There are “blogging carnivals” and craft parties and linky-uppies – in other words bloggers sharing bloggy stuff. Find what works for your business and connect. I started off by submitting to blog carnivals – but found my articles were not really relevant. I then found craft parties – about 30-40 of them. Every week I log on and link my latest craft projects – this gives me international coverage and I get many more hits from the US now. So find what is relevant to you and link up regularly – even if it means writing a new article each week – you can submit it to multiple sites and the increase in hits will be worth it. I found the ones best, where only a summary of your work is posted and they have to link to you for the whole info.

It is a little tricky finding the right carnivals/ parties/ linkys – I stumbled across one, which led me to another, which led me to more. You can probably google “business carnival” or “bilingual carnival” or “ask” people on twitter (ask again and again as people don’t always see your “tweets”). In essence, the more you do, the more you find. Check out mine, if you are a crafter or bookie (! Or go to - there are lots of groups you can join and ask questions in!

You can also Guest Post, which gives you a chance to “strut your stuff “and hope that people will click on links to come to your site for more. Though I do not think that the Guest Posts have been as effective volume wise (yet). (Btw, this is a Guest Post that I am writing for Alli, so prove me wrong and click on for lots more from me!).

3rd Parties The people I am really working on reaching, are the (slighty) less internet savvy parents that use parent sites such as Netmums, Nappyvalleynet, Mumsnet and of course Facebook.

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I post links as often as these site allow me to specific projects and posts! Most of these sites have “rules” – e.g. Netmums openly invites you to promote your business, they  just ask you not to ”spam” them, i.e. pop in every 2 - 3 months. Alternatively, go to the forums and search for relevant topics and add your post if you think you have a useful answer. Make it real and relevant. No one likes spammers! (e.g. if someone is asking for accounting help, give advice and send your link – always offer something for nothing!).

Competitions In the last 4 months I have run Red Ted Art related 3 competitions – all encouraging subscriptions to my blog (go to and fill in the subscription box on the top righthand side), “retweeting”, joining Facebook and telling others about me (through facebook or email). Interestingly my “lowest value” giveaway got me the most Facebook “likes” – my Cookie Cutter Giveaway made my facebook subscriptions jump from a mere 119 to 230 in 3 days! More of that please!!

Target setting I have a simple target: to generate more page views this week than I did last week. As well as generating “relevant” page views (I socialise in awesome online “games” which get me hits, but I want my craft posts to get hit). Ultimately, I am aiming for 10,000 hits a month, with little “work” from me (I call these passive hits, i.e. without spending hours submitting my posts to other blogs and networking sites). Can I do it, YES OF COURSE (I think).

My challenge will be to keep current parties interested. Get them to visit me without prompts and finding new readers all the time. I constantly ask myself – how can I reach new people… Watch this space.

Oh and the step after that is to figure out how I am going to make some money out of this! In the meantime, do come and say hello and if you like what you so please do spread the word!

UPDATE: Maggy is already close to reaching her 10,000 hit target, with a projected 8,000 views this month (June 2010). Her new target is 50,000 hits and she is now looking for advertisers (the first two, Green Baby and Peanut & Pip are already on board). If you are interested in a super “early bird” deal – growing your business as Maggy grows hers, please get in touch on info (at) redtedart (dot) com.

Maggy & Red Ted

Maggy started Red Ted Art a little over year ago – painting bespoke artwork for children, as well as pop art inspired portraitsand handpainted greeting cards. She has recently focussed on her blog as a way to reach new customers – making it into a innovative, fun and often simple craft resource for young and old, whilst building “Red Ted Art” brand recognition amongst families and carers alike.