home-based businessWant to start your own home-based business? There’s every reason to do it! I did, and I love it!

Starting my own home-based business was always a pipe dream for me. I had a few friends that had started their own businesses from home and I doubted whether I could do the same.

Three years ago, I had two school-aged children with whooping cough and I was working full time in the city as a Personal Assistant. When my kids developed whooping cough and had to miss weeks of school, I took many days off work and returned to work to find a very unhappy boss. My family-friendly workplace really was not that family-friendly after all! I started thinking of things that I could do from home to earn money and, really, to replace my full time income.

I figured out quite quickly that the best thing for me to do would be to continue along the secretarial services/personal assistant path and become an independent secretary/PA and try and do that from home. That was what I was good at and confident doing. I did my research in my spare time – who else was doing what I wanted to do, what did their websites look like, what network or support services were available for people like me? I found tonnes of information on the web – I was pleasantly surprised! I joined a network for virtual assistants – that’s what they call us secretaries and PA’s who work for ourselves.

I saved a couple of months’ wages, in case it didn’t work out at all. Of course, there was always that chance, wasn’t there? I registered a business name, found a DIY website and designed my own website, printed some business cards and away I went.

The minute I resigned from my job, I was extremely relieved. No more taking the train into the city (45 minutes away!), no more putting my kids into after school care or paying babysitters to pick them up after school and having my kids spend the afternoon at a relatively strange person’s house. It was a relief but also very scary. What if I’ve just made the biggest mistake ever? Really, what was the worst case scenario for me? That I could not get any work or clients and that I earned no money. That was it. Luckily, I had saved that money and that served as my safety net. I had two months to make it work – if it didn’t work for me, I would just find another job – not the end of the world at all. 

Starting off was a bit slower than I expected. What did I expect though – it’s not like I advertised or anything just yet. Just because I had a website, didn’t mean people knew I existed, did they?  The network I joined was fantastic though – I secured my first two clients through that virtual assistant network. The network sent out a client request email and I called those two clients and started working with them straightaway. These two clients are still with me today – three years later.

If I had not taken that leap of faith in November 2007, I would not be where I am today. I still work from home. I have a city office address, where clients can drop off documents and files.  I take my daughter to school every day - my son now walks to school. I help on excursions and I can attend lunch time concerts. If my hubby takes a day off work, I can go to a movie or just relax with him. Bliss!

So far this year, I have earned my 2007 full time salary and all is going very well. I have people that I sub-contract to me I now have a cleaner to help me around the house. All things to give me some hours back in my week.

My next goal is to find a way to balance my current huge workload and have more time for myself and my family. I find myself working over 10 hours a day on most days, but that’s ok for now. I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s all part of the journey, after all.

I reached my first goal of having my own home-based business, and I’m sure I will reach my next goal of finding that balance and setting my business up in such a way that I don’t actually have to do all the work myself. 2011 is my year to reach this second goal and I’m sure I’ll achieve it!

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