A blog (shortened word for web log) is neither hard nor should it be daunting.  I have recently entered the blogging world and have a few posts; with many more to come.

Many mumpreneurs have built a viable business using the skills, knowledge and nous they have for a particular topic which may have nothing to do with the Internet. Many think heading online to blog isn’t necessary, but absolutely any business can take their business online no matter what the content or who the target audience is.

Here’s an example:

• Businesses servicing senior citizens should be heading online to attract the decision makers – the 20 – 45 year old sons and daughters.
• If you’re selling toys or children’s clothes, it’s the parents who you’re marketing to. 

Blogging allows you to connect more with your target audience on a personal level, provide insight and added suggestions which give customers value-add and sparks conversation amongst peers. It’s a great way to keep your product top of mind with your clients and can offer the perception that you are an expert in your field.

How to set up a blog

Blogging is free, easy and can be done at a time convenient to you. It can be treated like a web diary where you recount the day that was, or a place for inspired thought and visions, or a stab at using comedy based on observations. The best blogs are those written within a contained subject matter to keep readers engaged. A great way to get people to read your blog is to post it on Facebook and Twitter.

Follow these steps and you can be blogging in under an hour.

1 Do an online search for free blog sites. I use WordPress.com but you may wish to explore Blogger or LiveJoural as a few other options.
2. Set up an account by filling in some details.
3. When you’re registered log in and customise your page.
4. Head to New Post or similar and start typing, then submit!

Feel free to take a look at my blog and post comments. After an initial attempt I am now focussing my blogs on marketing and communications topics, and I have it linked to Facebook and Twitter every time I post something new.  I also have a link on my Creative Correspondence website to it.  

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